The age of envy

We must be living in the age of envy. Why else would a culture be so enamored with the dysfunctional lives of people like Anna Nichole Smith and Brittany Spears? Their stories would be tragic if they weren’t so pathetic.

The media has made them icons, and now, as they self destruct, the networks are in a frenzy to cram the sick details of their shallow lives down our throats.

It is a poor reflection on our culture when instances like these are considered the most compelling news events to telecast. I heard a pundit say the other day “It makes for great drama.” If this is drama that sells -I’m not buying.

Where are our hero’s? Show me values. I want to see some virtue for a change. Let someone emerge from the chaos and set an example of what makes our culture great.


Medicare prescription drug plan

Why does the newly elected Democratic majority in the house and senate feel compelled to tinker with the medicare prescription drug plan for seniors when a recent poll demonstrated seventy percent of seniors are happy with the current plan?

Could it be because the Democrats toyed with idea of creating a prescription drug benefit for years, but never put forth a proposal?

Could this be retribution against the Bush administration for accomplishing something they could only struggle with?

If the current prescription drug plan is flawed it’s because insurance companies have to administer it. Let’s face it, there is a lucrative government contract here, and the windfall is going to the insurance companies. Instead of penalizing the pharmaceutical companies with government price fixing-which is what the Democrats propose- wouldn’t it be prudent to eliminate the middle man and offer the savings to seniors and the tax payers who fund this program?

mandatory HPV vaccinations

Have you ever seen a beautiful young girl die a painful and hideous death from cervical cancer? The FDA has approved the first HPV vaccine.
Some states are moving rapidly to mandate vaccination for all girls as young as age eleven.
Contracting this disease can be devastating both physically and financially; considering, 44 million americans do not have healthcare insurance, isn’t this program beneficial?

Your comments please:

Should the federal government mandate this program?

Should it be a volitional matter, where the vaccine is free, available to the general public at risk?

If you are a young woman at risk, or have a daughter would you consider vaccination?