mandatory HPV vaccinations

Have you ever seen a beautiful young girl die a painful and hideous death from cervical cancer? The FDA has approved the first HPV vaccine.
Some states are moving rapidly to mandate vaccination for all girls as young as age eleven.
Contracting this disease can be devastating both physically and financially; considering, 44 million americans do not have healthcare insurance, isn’t this program beneficial?

Your comments please:

Should the federal government mandate this program?

Should it be a volitional matter, where the vaccine is free, available to the general public at risk?

If you are a young woman at risk, or have a daughter would you consider vaccination?


2 Responses

  1. I clicked on this post because I used to work for Cytyc (ThinPrep Pap Test) and did work with Digene when the two companies were collaborating (combining the Pap with HPV screening).

    I’m curious whether you would advocate mandatory vaccines now, considering your position as an Objectivist, or whether you were simply trying to spark a debate?

    • My intention, in this particular post, was to advocate for voluntary vaccination. However the debate is whether the government has the authority, be it moral or otherwise, to mandate this health care intervention. Being an objectivist the word manditory is not in my vocabulary, hence the choice to vaccinate or not, belongs to the individuals discretion. Thanks for your post.

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