separate church and state

I saw a film clip the other day of Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in Iowa. He was fielding questions about his faith. The reporter asked him about his stand on abortion and gay marriage.

Mitt’s answer was appropriate and well articulated. Then the reporter asked whether a Mormon would make a good president. Mitt answered that in his opinion a president should be a person of faith.

With a ragging war on terror and illegal aliens flooding our southern border, are gay marriage and abortion even contentious issues for selecting a president? Granted they are important issues, but with the colossal problems facing our country today: these are low on a long list of priorities.

I’m certain the next president will be a person of faith; they have to be in order to get elected in this political environment. I can only hope that this person will not be making critical decision’s regarding or safety and the future of this country based on faith, or religious ideology.


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