Global Warming Blues

I remember thirty years ago the impeding eco disaster of the era was acid rain. The eco freaks — armed with scientific data, claimed this looming catastrophe would render our lakes and waterways dead seas. I’m pleased to report that the sport fishing in the lower forty eight has never been better.

Global warming is the battle cry of eco freaks in the new millennium. Armed with scientific data and a vivid imagination, poster boy Al Gore has delivered his thesis documentary to the world. I have not seen his movie nor do I intend too. I did however catch a glimpse of his condescending, filibuster performance, before a congressional hearing addressing global warming. His testimony lacked credibility and did nothing to enhance his argument.

Then I remembered this is the same Al Gore who claims he invented the internet; the same Al Gore who still claims he won the presidential election in 2000. This hypocrite with his do as I say, not as I do attitude, now proposes that we stifle our economic growth with government imposed regulation on industry and technology causing our economy to stagnate, while China and other industrial nations burgeon their economies with ill regard for global climate change.

In a capitalistic economy this will never happen. Our economic growth supersedes environmental hypothesis. I am confident that if the threat of global warming is real, venture capitalists funding science in the private sector will compete with government funding in the public sector, and together new technologies will emerge to quell the problem, so maybe one day we will hear Al Gore say: “Global warming . . . I invented that.”


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  1. Thanks for exposing Al Gore

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