Different Shade of Green

You wouldn’t consider, after reading my previous two blogs, that I was green. It’s true. I have been green since 2000 when my wife and I built a state of the art solar ranch in the wilderness. The house has active solar, passive solar and we burn wood. For us grid power and rural water wasn’t an option. Our decision to go solar, and haul our water was born from necessity. However, we do enjoy all of the conveniences our cousins in the cities have including: gas forced air, nineteen cubic foot stainless steel frig, twenty one cubic foot freezer, Viking range, HD TV, stereo and computer.

My shade of green means purchasing energy efficient appliances and light bulbs, running my clothes washer, dryer and dish washer during the day when the sun shines. It means conserving water and limiting the household to a five minute showers, and never leaving the water on needlessly.

My shade of green means burning fossil fuels. It means watching wholesale diesel fuel prices for the best time to fill my farm tank. It means bundling errands to cut down on frivolous mileage, while driving a gas efficient, luxury automobile.

My shade of green employs logic to overcome adversity to maintain the lifestyle we have grown accustomed. I am neither trendy, nor hip, nor do I indulge in self aggrandizement pretending I belong to the collective movement of the day.

My shade of green doesn’t congregate with the hybrid crowd, sipping micro brews in eclectic establishments, pontificating about how others need to be green to save the environment.


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  1. Nice article—sounds like a high maintance solar, glad it works for you! Keep writing-I like your style!

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