Lawyers and Rat Catchers

Lawyers are like rat catchers; many aren’t worth a damn. Just because lawyers pass the bar doesn’t mean they are suddenly endowed with infinite wisdom, nor are they capable of giving sound legal advice. Before hiring an attorney ask:

1 Are you familiar with cases like mine?

2 How many cases have you tried?

3 How many cases have you won?

4 Do you have references?

Hopefully, you can find a lawyer who provides service beyond the initial consultation – you know the consultation when he asks for a retainer. Be aware you will be paying him for phone calls and e-mails. This can add up fast when your attorney sits on his ass and never calls you. In the long run you end up contacting him and paying dearly for it. Never send a lawyer original documents. That’s a litmus test for suckers; you’ll never see those again, and hounding your attorney to send then back will cost you plenty. Ask yourself if you really need that kind of aggravation. Chances are you don’t need an attorney after all. Often times you can accomplish in two days what takes them three months. However if you need to defend yourself in a court of law good luck; you have my condolences.

There is a fair number of lawyers out there who are better equipped to catch rat’s then provide legal advice- all due respect to rat catchers.