The Politically Correct

The politically correct are at it again, attempting to redefine torture. These context droppers would have us believe that any unpleasant act constitutes torture. If we dressed pigs in Victoria Secret lingerie and stiletto heals, painted their pig faces with eye liner and red lipstick, then dumped them into the cells of enemy combatants detained at Gitmo would it constitute torture? If we deprived these same enemy combatants of sleep and forced them to watch an endless stream of Mel Brooks movies would it constitute torture?

If C.I.A. operatives in Afghanistan capture a couple of Islamic terrorists; keep them up for days and water board them until they reveal information that may thwart a terrorist act, thus saving the lives of innocent people whose crime is loving freedom — shouldn’t we applaud?

In times of war one must extrapolate vital intelligence, and some operations are better left clandestine. Are we to let a bunch of context dropping politicians masquerading as human rights advocates, destroy out ability to gather intelligence and place our freedoms in jeopardy?

I can picture the politically correct laying on the ground, bound by their hands and feet, the sword of Islamic fascism at their throats turning to one another and in pious indignation saying: “Well at least we didn’t resort to torture.”


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