What Change?

If I hear another politician utter the (C) word I’m going outside to run naked through the 24 inches of fresh global warming that fell yesterday. Who’s change? What change? Change for the good, or change for the bad. I can’t think of a more abstract word in the English dictionary than change.

It’s no wonder change has become the political buzz word of this 2008 presidential election. The word is custom tailored to signify nothing. I have yet to hear a talking head candidate concretize this abstraction with a discernable plan, one they are willing to stand behind.

Obama speaks of sweeping political change, a broad pledge considering he stands for nothing more than embodied charisma in an expensive suit. What has he done in his neophyte political career, and what qualifies him to lead the nation? Then there’s Hillary who claims she is the change candidate, a delusional promise considering she’s part of an aging political dynasty, her candidacy founded on nepotism. We already had eight years of Clintonsonian politics, and as I recall we changed that eight years ago.

I can’t wait until after the primaries when candidates will have to concretize this abstraction they now so recklessly flaunt. I hope by that time the nation will see through this veil of obscurity and a candidate of merit will emerge to lead the nation.

In the mean time, our economy remains strong, the tax cuts are working, I have more working capital than ever before, and we are making progress in the war on terror. Remind me again why we need to change? I pride myself on being an informed consumer, one who embraces change, and right now I’ll prove it. I’m changing my party affiliation.


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