Solar Simple

“Solar power . . . that crap doesn’t work.” This used to be the general misconception when you told people you lived off grid, or were planning to go solar; many a doubting Thomas assume you spent your nights huddled around a light bulb in the dark and burn lots of candles.

Wrong! Our ranch has electricity in the horse barn, electricity in the Quonset, and the house is outfitted with every modern electrical convenience my cousins living the grid life in the cities have. The only visual difference between us and them is I have photovoltaic panels in my front yard, live near a vast wilderness area, and nobody drives by my house.

Granted my venture into solar power wasn’t a simple one. I was a neophyte at one time and spent many hours studying manuals, wiring diagrams, wiring schedules, learning Photovoltaic jargon, which I won’t spring on you here, for fear of being labeled pedantic.

Thing is, the more I studied it, the more I came to realize: “this shit isn’t rocket science.” You too, can take the easy route to energy independence, or you can struggle. The key here is that every application has different variables and certain rules apply. Which brings me to the point of this blog: don’t make the same mistakes I did. In the future you will find solar blogs here, so ask questions, make comments, get answers, now is your chance.

Do you know the best part about going solar? It works so well I take it for granted; it never goes down in a storm or any other unforeseeable act of nature. I am not married to the grid, and can build a solar home almost anywhere. I forgot what it was like to have immediate neighbors. Did I mention I never see an electric bill?


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