What is it you value most in this world? What is it you would be willing to lay down your life for? If your answer to these two questions is freedom; welcome, you came to the right place.

I can no longer blog about my charmed life, when our freedom and individual rights are dwindling by the day; therefore, I am changing the contents of this blog to save that which I hold dear.

Make no mistake about it, there are insidious forces at work in this country, destroying our individual rights by collectivizing us with moral fad. We are engaged in a culture war where divisive philosophical ideologies flourish, flying in the face of historical precedence, defying reality with embolden omnipotence, they inflict their brand of causality upon our liberties with impunity.

We will explore the proper roll of government in a free society. We will define capitalism, globalization, and democracy; we will expose pragmatism, the immorality of altruism, and the cloak of deception hiding behind the illusions of moral duty and social justice.

My intentions are to fight this war, not with guns and clubs, for those are the tools of oppressive government, but with reason and logic employing reality to arm people with the most potent weapon of all: truth. I implore you to join this battle, spread these truths, before freedom becomes a vague recollection we once shared.


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