Waiting for the Renaissance

I always assumed if Americans wanted to fight government tyranny, a tax revolt would suffice, but the tax structure in this country is so pervasive, so enmeshed into the fabric of our everyday lives it’s inescapable. If this recession has taught us anything, we the consumers are the ones with purchasing power, we determine which markets survive and which parish, we determine the destiny of our economy.


If we are to demand political reform in Washington, we need to flex our fiscal muscles and restrain from buying durable goods; after all, why should we bolster the economy with our buying power, when the government shows such lack of moral restraint in fiscal policy. I say we strike this economy. Crash the markets if need be; whatever it takes to twist the strong arm of government.


The two party system of governing this country is leading us to economic ruin, and the enslavement of this countries finest asset: the people. What I advocate is freedom, a restoration of our individual rights. Stop robbing us through burdensome tax obligations; it’s not our duty to pay for Washington’s rapacious spending. Stop growing entitlement spending, international welfare, and corporate welfare. Stop manufacturing alternative energy markets that are not sustainable. Stop punishing us for the hypothetical fallacy of global warming. Stop bailing out the fiscally irresponsible; let the inherent market forces of capitalism work for a change. Stop giving yourselves pay raises and lucrative benefit packages. Stop the political and corporate corruption, incarcerate the perpetrators, and stop attacking our constitution!


Release us from oppressive tax burdens; we know how to spend our money better than any form of government. Restore the gold standard so our monopoly money is backed by some tangible value. Secure our southern boarder immediately! Reform welfare: “Give the poor a hand up not a hand out.” Implement the purest form of laissez-faire capitalism, and role back the heinous antitrust laws, so this country can have an unprecedented economic renaissance.


History is reality reincarnated, and if history has taught us anything, revolution and cataclysmic human suffering have to occur to reform government and restore freedom and individual rights. We have learned from the convictions of our forefathers how to fight tyranny and preserve freedom. I only wonder if we, as a people, have their courage to do what’s necessary.


Alruism; The Straw Man Amongst Us

The dictionary defines altruism as: (behavior by an animal that is not beneficial to, or may be harmful to itself, but that benefits others of its species). Do not confuse altruism with good will, kindness, or respect for the rights of others.


We were all indoctrinated to altruism at an early age. In our public schools we learned that selfishness is bad, and selfless giving is good. We are taught that the poor are virtuous by nature, endowed with unalienable rights, personal choice, and deserving of social justice. In church we learned the only way we can be happy is to make others happy, by giving money and donating services. For our efforts we received a pat on the back and firm commitment of reward in the afterlife. Eventually we became collectivized by society to provide for the poor, the suffering, the less fortunate. We are conditioned by the mores of society to believe this practice of self sacrifice constitutes moral rectitude and those who are unwilling to make this sacrifice are greedy, insensitive, amoral, and racist, this is the hoax of political correctness.


Altruism is incompatible with freedom and capitalism; one cannot pursue life, liberty, and happiness, when one is a sacrificial animal. Altruism can provide no rational reason for this code of self sacrifice; somehow the needs of the poor grant them claim to the unearned, somehow their misfortune gives them the right to the prosperity of others.


Herein lies the dichotomy of altruism; man has no right to exist for himself; that he exists for the service of others. If self sacrifice is moral, then the practice of working for ones own reward, for ones own vested self interest is immoral. Altruists can’t explain why it’s immoral to prosper; you just have to take it on faith, your duty is assuaging the misery of the less fortunate; their wellness is ultimately your responsibility. A collective society demands conformity and those who refuse self sacrifice are bludgeoned by political correctness and held hostage by government.


Our government has elevated this altruistic doctrine into a business of extortion, enslaving the working class, ensuring our compliance with compulsory taxation. Government justifies the use of force to counteract selfishness in our society; after all, the selfish are denying the poor their personal freedom, jeopardizing their inalienable rights to the unearned the working class is destined to provide. The ends justify the means and productive men are immolated at the behest of others and society at large. The eventual goal is the enslavement of all men, sacrificing all freedom, all fortune, all happiness, for their socialist ideology.


If there was no altruistic cause, government would create one to advance their collectivized agendas while simultaneously enriching themselves with fiscal rewards and political power, all under the guise of social justice.

Health Care Reform

The only way to save our ailing economy is to reinvent capitalism. An economic renaissance is waiting, but government can’t deliver it, only free market enterprise can accomplish this feat. So, how do we reinvent capitalism? One small step at a time and the first place to start is with health care; health care should be ground zero in this economic revolution.

The health care industry in this nation composes 15% of GDP. Ever wonder why health care is so expensive, ever wonder why it’s so non- inclusive, ever wonder why it’s such a bureaucracy? 60 years of government tampering, 60 years of meddling in what should be a consumer driven market. That’s why.

The first step to reform the criminality in the health care industry is to stop the nonprofit hospital charade. Corporate hospitals in this country have the luxury of claiming nonprofit status. They do this under the altruistic hoax, that they provide health care to the indigent. There is an estimated 44 million people in the United States who don’t have health care and someone has to provide this care or else . . . This is just one of the fallacious altruist arguments they have used to enhance their agendas. Truth is the amount of goods and services these nonprofit hospitals provide to the poor and uninsured are mythical compared to the hundreds of millions they bank annually.

This lucrative tax loop hole constitutes corporate welfare and much more; it buys protection in Washington, it allows hospitals to monopolize, amass fortunes, and grow preponderant in the industry, intimidating the competition, and price fixing, while strong arming citizens into medical bankruptcy, all with the blessing of big government.

The time has come for our government to close this lucrative tax loop hole. In doing so the government would save more than enough money to buy health insurance for the 44 million Americans who now go without. The government would save enough revenue to offer the self employed the same tax benefit it now offer businesses in this country (more on this later).

This will be a bold first step toward health care reformation. It’s time to take health care away from big government and place it back in the hands of consumers where it belongs.

Renounce Pragmatism

“I’m a pragmatist.” President Obama’s words not mine. He said it twice before the inauguration; he said it with true conviction, as though pragmatism was an admirable quality. Pragmatists believe that concepts are to be sought in their practical bearing, that truth is to be tested by the practical consequences of belief, that truth is that which works, whatever one wishes to be true, is true, whatever one wishes to exist, does exist.


Pragmatists believe that reality is indeterminate, that people determine the actual nature of reality. Pragmatists compose the “I can have my cake and eat it too” crowd, they believe anything goes, the hell with reality, the hell with causality, they abrogate both in favor of a wanton lifestyle.


Pragmatism is a cancer in our society. How many times have you heard someone say: “What is this world coming too?” the answer is pragmatism. Pragmatic professors and philosophers, many with tenure, have been teaching this anti-reality dogma to impressionable young people in our colleges for the past 50 years. These are the same left wing bomb throwers who welcome the likes of William Ayres and Ward Churchill as their own. This is what the world has come too.


I would prefer my president employ logic and reason when making crucial decisions about national security, economic policy, immigration policy, and the list goes on. I would prefer my president contemplate the potential causality of his actions before making vacuous decisions. Lets examine his first two weeks in office; close a prison for terrorist, choose three tax dodger cabinet appointees, Write a bill to borrow a trillion dollars —a mortgage on our future — load it with welfare, special interest, and pork spending, then call it a stimulus package. Yup, he’s a pragmatist all right. I wish he would have declared this on the campaign trail.





The Danger of Democracy

Democracy does not a free society make. In a true democracy the majority rules over all its constituents, therefore society at large is subjected to the capricious actions of the mob. Democracy is a form of collectivism; therefore, a form of statism, it does not champion freedom and individual rights.


Democracies pose a threat to freedom and individual rights, for example, Lebanon is a democracy and what do they do? Elect Hezbollah. Gaza is a democracy and What do they do? Elect Hamas. Minnesota— what do they do — Elect Al Franken. Let radical fanatics gain majority rule and . . . Create an entitlement class then elevate their numbers to a majority rule and . . .


In America, majority rule elects officials to serve in government; however, the majority rule has little say over the basic principles of governing, which means the majority can not (in theory) infringe upon the individual rights of its constituents.


Fortunately, here in America we do not have a total democracy; here in America we have a constitutional republic, restricted to the protection of individual rights. It is our constitution that has preserved freedom for over two hundred years in this country, not democracy.


The Virtues of Capitalism

Capitalism is the only form of government that champions individual rights and freedom. In a free society, man (qua man), engages in trade, exchanging labor for currency and currency for goods and services, they are also free to barter for said goods and services. In a free society man engages in these activities by choice. He is free to exercise his will to purchase whatever he needs for his survival. It is mans right to pursue his vested self interest (life liberty and the pursuit of happiness). These are the moral pursuits of free men in a free society; therefore, capitalism is the only moral choice for any government that wishes to promote freedom and human rights.


By now, it should be self evident to all Americans that we live in a kleptocracy, where NGOs, (None Government Organizations) lobbyists, and influence peddlers grease the wheels of government with campaign contributions and bribes, sacrificing our freedom on the altar of altruism.


This kleptocracy is sustained by a quasi-mixed economy, composed of government controls with a scintilla of freedoms. Mixed economies are wrought with corruption stemming from government controls and bureaucracy. As we have seen, government controls breed more government controls, giving birth to special interest groups that vie for the almighty lucrative government contract, or other favorable legislation to fund their agendas, whereby the burden always falls on backs of the tax payer.


Our Government can’t manufacture anything, all it can do is create bureaucracy and impose taxation, sacrificing the productive members of society for those who can’t, won’t, or refuse to work, or feel entitled because of their race or gender. Mixed economies with their ever expanding government programs are destined for one outcome; the nationalization of banks, industry, agriculture, whatever it deems necessary to deliver socialism.


Having revealed these truths; I implore you. Place the virtues of capitalism next to our mixed economy, and tell me, which is moral?