The Virtues of Capitalism

Capitalism is the only form of government that champions individual rights and freedom. In a free society, man (qua man), engages in trade, exchanging labor for currency and currency for goods and services, they are also free to barter for said goods and services. In a free society man engages in these activities by choice. He is free to exercise his will to purchase whatever he needs for his survival. It is mans right to pursue his vested self interest (life liberty and the pursuit of happiness). These are the moral pursuits of free men in a free society; therefore, capitalism is the only moral choice for any government that wishes to promote freedom and human rights.


By now, it should be self evident to all Americans that we live in a kleptocracy, where NGOs, (None Government Organizations) lobbyists, and influence peddlers grease the wheels of government with campaign contributions and bribes, sacrificing our freedom on the altar of altruism.


This kleptocracy is sustained by a quasi-mixed economy, composed of government controls with a scintilla of freedoms. Mixed economies are wrought with corruption stemming from government controls and bureaucracy. As we have seen, government controls breed more government controls, giving birth to special interest groups that vie for the almighty lucrative government contract, or other favorable legislation to fund their agendas, whereby the burden always falls on backs of the tax payer.


Our Government can’t manufacture anything, all it can do is create bureaucracy and impose taxation, sacrificing the productive members of society for those who can’t, won’t, or refuse to work, or feel entitled because of their race or gender. Mixed economies with their ever expanding government programs are destined for one outcome; the nationalization of banks, industry, agriculture, whatever it deems necessary to deliver socialism.


Having revealed these truths; I implore you. Place the virtues of capitalism next to our mixed economy, and tell me, which is moral?


2 Responses

  1. It should be recognized that wealth creation and economic prosperity are the result of protecting the rights of individuals to plan, produce, and trade in a truly free market. Failure to protect these rights by dictating prosperity for everyone through redistributive policies and market manipulations is the destruction of real property rights which is the right to keep what one earns. Property rights also dovetails into the right to pursue one’s own happiness which is the pursuit of knowledge, wealth, and dignity through one’s own efforts. To think independently, act voluntarily, to produce, and to benefit from the results of those efforts is the natural state of man and government interventions into these moral principles destroy the real rights of man.

    • Long live capitalism! The laissez-faire the better; the government needs to get the hell out of the way and maybe we can all prosper.

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