The Danger of Democracy

Democracy does not a free society make. In a true democracy the majority rules over all its constituents, therefore society at large is subjected to the capricious actions of the mob. Democracy is a form of collectivism; therefore, a form of statism, it does not champion freedom and individual rights.


Democracies pose a threat to freedom and individual rights, for example, Lebanon is a democracy and what do they do? Elect Hezbollah. Gaza is a democracy and What do they do? Elect Hamas. Minnesota— what do they do — Elect Al Franken. Let radical fanatics gain majority rule and . . . Create an entitlement class then elevate their numbers to a majority rule and . . .


In America, majority rule elects officials to serve in government; however, the majority rule has little say over the basic principles of governing, which means the majority can not (in theory) infringe upon the individual rights of its constituents.


Fortunately, here in America we do not have a total democracy; here in America we have a constitutional republic, restricted to the protection of individual rights. It is our constitution that has preserved freedom for over two hundred years in this country, not democracy.



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  1. Democracy: Latin, Demos= People, and Kratein= Rule. Rule of the people or Majority Rule. This sounds good in theory but what if the majority wants to take your property (money, home, or business or even your children)? Democracy’s never last because sooner or later the majority figures out that they can vote themselves the property of others. This is what happened to the ancient Greece. Many Americans maybe surprised to learn that nowhere in the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution is the term “democracy” mentioned.

    Republic: Latin, Res= Thing and Publica= public. Public Thing= The Law or Ruled by Law.

    A Republic is where government is limited leaving the people alone. The law in America is the constitution which explicitly restricts the powers of government and protects the individual from the majority.

    The Bill of Rights is a document that specifically protects individual liberties—it doesn’t grant rights, it PROTECTS them, and it doesn’t protect collective rights. In other words no special groups of people have protected rights under the Bill of Rights and that is why we are a constitutional republic—ruled by law not by majority opinion.

    Another thing our founders understood very well was the importance of property rights as an integral component of individual liberty. This is the private ownership of land, livestock, the money you’ve earned, etc, etc. And they also understood the fact that incentive, creativity and productivity is more often than not propagated by reward, and dignity is a product of self-achievement.

    The essence of a republic is the fact that the rights of the government are not subject to the majority rule but by the law.

  2. […] disingenuous for politicians and the liberal media to advocate that we are witnessing freedom and democracy in action. It is America’s foreign policy failures that empower our enemies; spreading democracy […]

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