Health Care Reform

The only way to save our ailing economy is to reinvent capitalism. An economic renaissance is waiting, but government can’t deliver it, only free market enterprise can accomplish this feat. So, how do we reinvent capitalism? One small step at a time and the first place to start is with health care; health care should be ground zero in this economic revolution.

The health care industry in this nation composes 15% of GDP. Ever wonder why health care is so expensive, ever wonder why it’s so non- inclusive, ever wonder why it’s such a bureaucracy? 60 years of government tampering, 60 years of meddling in what should be a consumer driven market. That’s why.

The first step to reform the criminality in the health care industry is to stop the nonprofit hospital charade. Corporate hospitals in this country have the luxury of claiming nonprofit status. They do this under the altruistic hoax, that they provide health care to the indigent. There is an estimated 44 million people in the United States who don’t have health care and someone has to provide this care or else . . . This is just one of the fallacious altruist arguments they have used to enhance their agendas. Truth is the amount of goods and services these nonprofit hospitals provide to the poor and uninsured are mythical compared to the hundreds of millions they bank annually.

This lucrative tax loop hole constitutes corporate welfare and much more; it buys protection in Washington, it allows hospitals to monopolize, amass fortunes, and grow preponderant in the industry, intimidating the competition, and price fixing, while strong arming citizens into medical bankruptcy, all with the blessing of big government.

The time has come for our government to close this lucrative tax loop hole. In doing so the government would save more than enough money to buy health insurance for the 44 million Americans who now go without. The government would save enough revenue to offer the self employed the same tax benefit it now offer businesses in this country (more on this later).

This will be a bold first step toward health care reformation. It’s time to take health care away from big government and place it back in the hands of consumers where it belongs.


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