Alruism; The Straw Man Amongst Us

The dictionary defines altruism as: (behavior by an animal that is not beneficial to, or may be harmful to itself, but that benefits others of its species). Do not confuse altruism with good will, kindness, or respect for the rights of others.


We were all indoctrinated to altruism at an early age. In our public schools we learned that selfishness is bad, and selfless giving is good. We are taught that the poor are virtuous by nature, endowed with unalienable rights, personal choice, and deserving of social justice. In church we learned the only way we can be happy is to make others happy, by giving money and donating services. For our efforts we received a pat on the back and firm commitment of reward in the afterlife. Eventually we became collectivized by society to provide for the poor, the suffering, the less fortunate. We are conditioned by the mores of society to believe this practice of self sacrifice constitutes moral rectitude and those who are unwilling to make this sacrifice are greedy, insensitive, amoral, and racist, this is the hoax of political correctness.


Altruism is incompatible with freedom and capitalism; one cannot pursue life, liberty, and happiness, when one is a sacrificial animal. Altruism can provide no rational reason for this code of self sacrifice; somehow the needs of the poor grant them claim to the unearned, somehow their misfortune gives them the right to the prosperity of others.


Herein lies the dichotomy of altruism; man has no right to exist for himself; that he exists for the service of others. If self sacrifice is moral, then the practice of working for ones own reward, for ones own vested self interest is immoral. Altruists can’t explain why it’s immoral to prosper; you just have to take it on faith, your duty is assuaging the misery of the less fortunate; their wellness is ultimately your responsibility. A collective society demands conformity and those who refuse self sacrifice are bludgeoned by political correctness and held hostage by government.


Our government has elevated this altruistic doctrine into a business of extortion, enslaving the working class, ensuring our compliance with compulsory taxation. Government justifies the use of force to counteract selfishness in our society; after all, the selfish are denying the poor their personal freedom, jeopardizing their inalienable rights to the unearned the working class is destined to provide. The ends justify the means and productive men are immolated at the behest of others and society at large. The eventual goal is the enslavement of all men, sacrificing all freedom, all fortune, all happiness, for their socialist ideology.


If there was no altruistic cause, government would create one to advance their collectivized agendas while simultaneously enriching themselves with fiscal rewards and political power, all under the guise of social justice.


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