Waiting for the Renaissance

I always assumed if Americans wanted to fight government tyranny, a tax revolt would suffice, but the tax structure in this country is so pervasive, so enmeshed into the fabric of our everyday lives it’s inescapable. If this recession has taught us anything, we the consumers are the ones with purchasing power, we determine which markets survive and which parish, we determine the destiny of our economy.


If we are to demand political reform in Washington, we need to flex our fiscal muscles and restrain from buying durable goods; after all, why should we bolster the economy with our buying power, when the government shows such lack of moral restraint in fiscal policy. I say we strike this economy. Crash the markets if need be; whatever it takes to twist the strong arm of government.


The two party system of governing this country is leading us to economic ruin, and the enslavement of this countries finest asset: the people. What I advocate is freedom, a restoration of our individual rights. Stop robbing us through burdensome tax obligations; it’s not our duty to pay for Washington’s rapacious spending. Stop growing entitlement spending, international welfare, and corporate welfare. Stop manufacturing alternative energy markets that are not sustainable. Stop punishing us for the hypothetical fallacy of global warming. Stop bailing out the fiscally irresponsible; let the inherent market forces of capitalism work for a change. Stop giving yourselves pay raises and lucrative benefit packages. Stop the political and corporate corruption, incarcerate the perpetrators, and stop attacking our constitution!


Release us from oppressive tax burdens; we know how to spend our money better than any form of government. Restore the gold standard so our monopoly money is backed by some tangible value. Secure our southern boarder immediately! Reform welfare: “Give the poor a hand up not a hand out.” Implement the purest form of laissez-faire capitalism, and role back the heinous antitrust laws, so this country can have an unprecedented economic renaissance.


History is reality reincarnated, and if history has taught us anything, revolution and cataclysmic human suffering have to occur to reform government and restore freedom and individual rights. We have learned from the convictions of our forefathers how to fight tyranny and preserve freedom. I only wonder if we, as a people, have their courage to do what’s necessary.


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  1. Great Blog Ravaler.

    My question is, is the taxation of income even Legal? Can anyone show me where’s the law that says we have to pay income tax?

    The 16th amendment, besides never being ratified, was not about income tax. According to W.H. Taft the president who signed the 16th amendment into law, the 16th amendment was excises tax on the government itself, and nothing more.
    The Supreme Court concurred in its majority opinion:
    “It was not the purpose or effect of that amendment [16th amendment] to bring any new subject within the taxing power.”
    [Bowers v. Kerbaugh-Empire Co., 271 U.S. 170; 46 S.Ct. 449 (1926)]


    Also, in the case of Pollock v. Farmer’s Loan and Trust Company (157 U.S., 429) was held by the Supreme Court to be a direct tax, and therefore not within the power of the Federal Government to Impose unless apportioned among the several States according to population. That never happened.

    It is clear that the intent of the 16th amendment was to allow the government to tax only its own employees and not private citizens. There is however a provision to tax American citizens and corporations oversees, for being given US protection, in countries that have a tax treaty with the United States.

    • So why are we criminalized in this country for not paying taxes? I agree according to constitutional law, this government cannot legally hold us hostage with tax burdens, yet they continue to get away with it, unless of course your name is Tom Dashel, or a host of other political cronies. Thanks for your valuable insight and interpetation of the constitution, perhaps if others were knowledgable of thier constitutional rights we could promote real change for the citizenry.

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