Embrace Reality

We are riding in a bus, traveling down a mountain road (it’s a big bus). We stop at an artesian well to drink and stretch our legs. I stoop down, pick up a rock and hold it up in the air and say, “This rock exists, it exists whether I’m conscious of it or not, it does not exist because I am conscious of it.”


Reality is that which exists, it is implicit by nature. Consciousness is the faculty for perceiving that which exists. The unreal does not exist, the supernatural does not exist, these are corollaries of a human consciousness that abandons reason.


At a conceptual level we combine existence in action and we have causality. Causality can be good, it can be bad, it can obtain a desired goal, or it can be an abysmal failure, good, bad, success, failure, these outcomes all have a common denominator; they are all bound by the laws of reality.


I am a consummate student of causality. I make decisions, most of which routine, others complex, all based on the existential nature of causality. I make rational choices, based on the predictability of outcomes, as opposed to a pragmatist, like the President of the United States for example, who capriciously makes decisions then struggles with damage control later.


Like any other discipline, be it language, art, or finance, practice makes perfect. Study causality for years, make it a viable part of your philosophy and life and you too will be able to predict outcomes with uncanny certainty, complicated life scenarios become not only manageable, but favorable. Enhancing favorable outcomes, while building confidence and self-esteem.


In effect, this enhances the stability of ones life, whereby alleviating contradiction. Contradiction is synonymous with doubt and ambiguity; it is anti-confidence and antilife. Before making choices no matter how simple or complex, check your hypothesis, if a contradiction exists your hypothesis is flawed. Most likely the flaw is because your hypotheses is bereft of reason, or reality. One has to have real goals and realistic expectations based on reality, again examine the potential causality before making that all important decision. A life free of contradiction is a life of confidence and with it the rewards of self esteem.


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