Defending Our Rights

The philosophical bankruptcy in this nation has reached critical mass. Pragmatism is the philosophy of the disoriented, the philosophy of the irrational, unfortunately; it has become the default philosophy of the nation. This is the same philosophy our so called intellectuals have been teaching the impressionable youth of America for decades; our colleges having been infested with this spurious intellect for generations. Look around on any given day and see the irrational men struggling with their self imposed immoral tedium.


Combine pragmatism with the immoral practice of altruism and you have a pandemic which threatens the civilized world. Our politic elite, scour the globe searching for victims and altruistic social causes to collectively engage the people of this nation under the canard of moral duty. If victims are scarce, government will create some, to usurp the prosperity, wealth, and constitutional rights of the citizenry, whereby enhancing their power base, while simultaneously rewarding the co-conspirators with extorted plunder. These heinous acts of social engineering bring causality to bear, for in the end the erosion of individual rights will erupt into class warfare.


This begs the question; how does one fight a predominant ideology of collective sacrifice and immoral duty? The cure for this pandemic is individual rights; individual rights are the vaccine, and freedom the panacea. The morality of individual rights must be held in the highest regard. Let nothing take precedence over these constitutional rights; let no one place the virtues of the oppressed above the rights of the individual; no victim, no social justice, no political cause shall disgrace the rights of free men.


Make no mistake, individual rights are not divine; God did not grant them to man, man granted them to all men under the constitution. Health care is not a right, nor housing, nor food for that matter, these are essentials for life, and everyone has the right to pursue them, but not at the expenditure of another mans rights. Hold nothing more precious than these convictions for they are the invaluable currency of freedom. They are not for sale under any circumstance; they are not to be assaulted and squandered by government for any reason, not for the faceless victims, not for the entitlement class, not for the capricious feel good moment of those empowered to preserve and protect these rights.






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  1. Today’s progressive society is a tribute to dysfunction. America has become the place were complacency and poor choices are rewarded and hard work punished. This is where one group’s rights are pitted against another’s—the self-proclaimed victims against the successful. Can’t afford your home because you’ve mortgaged a life style you can’t afford? No worries the guy working two jobs to support his family will bail you out.

    What the fight for freedom really boils down to is the relentless pursuit for self-reliance.

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