Tea Anyone?

I was the keynote speaker yesterday at a tea party in my little town of Cortez Co. I awoke today to discover the Cortez Journal had misquoted me, and ruined an otherwise perfectly good metaphor. Then the paper went on to say that I was “arguing against many policies recently initiated by President Barack Obama.”


Not once did I invoke the president’s name or his policies in my entire speech. If they can paint me anti-Obama, then they can paint me a racist. Doesn’t this sound all too familiar coming from the left these days? (To uncover the true racists in America see my blog entitled: Is Government Spending Moral)?


The real thrust of my speech was about the morality of capitalism, and the profligate government spending of tax payer money; none of my message fell on deaf ears.


So now we move forward; it is time to be proactive and defend capitalism; it is time to let the inherent market forces of capitalism work for a change. Make no mistake about it; our government has manipulated capitalism in an effort to reap the rewards, while avoiding the painful causality of the market forces that command capitalism. (One can’t have his cake and eat it too).


The auto industry and organized labor are about to feel the wrath of these market forces, market forces that have been hijacked for years by special interest in Washington. The fight for capitalism is just beginning and with this fiscal war there will be financial casualties. An economic renaissance is waiting, but only after a cadmean victory liberates capitalism from government bondage.


It’s time to start flexing our fiscal muscles. Why bolster the economy when the government preys on the productivity of free men? Why support a regime that attacks our liberty, and destroys our constitution with such reckless disregard for our individual rights.


What I advocate is this:


Cancel your subscription to any newspaper or magazine that abandons journalism to enhance the pragmatic ideology of the progressive movement.


Boycott Hollywood. Any actor, studio, musician, performing artist, that opens his political pie hole only to stick his elitist foot in his mouth is unworthy of our financial patronage. Stop watching bias network news or television programs that advance the progressive ideology. Sit your family down and read a book for a change, pass it around so every one can read. (You may just rediscover your family).


Build a data base of companies with affiliates that lobby Washington with bribes and political campaign contributions to manipulate our markets to their own ends. And don’t buy their durable goods! (GE comes to mind).


Barter for goods and services. Buy local and pay cash whenever possible,

So that business men and women can keep that income off the tax role.


Have a plan to survive the economic collapse of a nation should it occur. Before capitalism can flourish the markets have to repair themselves, and there is a reckoning to pay for the irreparable damage government has inflicted on the marketplace.


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  1. Economic freedom is essential to the conditions of political freedom. This should be emphasized because the modern liberal Kool-aid drinker has nothing but contempt for capitalisms roll in buffering the centralization of power.

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