Independence Day Tea Party Patriot Speach

Ladies and gentlemen, at this critical juncture in the history of America, I cannot think of a more appropriate time to be celebrating Independence Day.


 We have gathered here today to celebrate the fourth of July. We have gathered to remember the declaration of independence and celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of more guns and ammo?

 I ask myself, how long can freedom endure? How long can we as a people endure the degradation of our independence?

 How can we gather to celebrate this joyous holiday when this rapacious government attacks our liberty, attacks our independence, and makes a mockery of our constitution?

 This holiday commemorating our freedom is rapidly becoming obsolete. Patrick Henry in 1775 said: “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Guess which one this administration is giving us? Let me give you a clue; it isn’t liberty.

 When this administration attacks individualism, and usurps power growing government to 46% of the gross domestic product in an attempt to bring us into their ideology of a one world order, this spells socialism and the death of freedom as we know it.

 Throughout history all civilizations that have adopted socialism dissolved into totalitarianism with despotic rule; Statism, collectivism, socialism, communism, are all synonymous with totalitarianism. They can change the nomenclature all they want, but we understand the nature of this deception, we understand the nature of the beast.

 Ladies and gentlemen, here in this country we cherish FREEDOM! 

 I have news for you. We didn’t win the cold war; these Icons of communism just changed the name to Democratic Socialism. The Icons of collectivism that govern this country truly believe socialism can exist without totalitarianism, and they are willing to sacrifice our freedom with their experiment of social engineering.

To tell you the truth, I miss the cold war. Remember the duck and cover drills we routinely practiced in school? As a child I often wondered how crouching down under a desk would save me from thermo-nuclear incineration. Fortunately, the threat of nuclear war was just that: a threat.

 What I truly miss about the cold war was the heightened awareness of the evils inherent in socialism, the heightened awareness about the spread of communism and totalitarian regimes that threatened the free world.

 In two decades the American people have become amnesic, having forgotten the evil tenet that socialism always delivers a despot and totalitarianism will prevail after the destruction of freedom.

 It has been two decades since the fall of communism, and we have been saddled with an administration, that in less than six months has nationalized banks, taken over controlling interest of AIG, the largest insurance company in the nation, nationalized two of the big three auto companies, taken over Fanny and Freddy and now owns more than half the mortgages in the nation. This administration is currently trying to pass cap and trade legislation on carbon emissions.  This will give the government control over the energy markets, while simultaneously enacting the single largest tax in history; a tax passed on to all consumers of energy. This administration has accumulated trillions of dollars in debt, and has printed trillions of dollars of fiat money to monetize that debt. This will lead to hyperinflation; better know as the hidden tax. This administration is now poised to nationalize health care and place another 15% of our gross domestic product under government control.  Can somebody please tell me: where is the freedom in this?

 Isn’t this the same socialist empire that threatened our national security, threatened our constitution and individual rights, during the cold war?  Isn’t this the same socialist empire that spilled the blood of our enlisted men and women in Viet Nam, Korea, and multiple other confrontations around the world?  The cold war wasn’t won; at best it was a Cadmean victory.  They merely changed the name of communism to “Socialized Democracy,” To make it more palatable to the masses while they sacrifice our freedom to conduct this sick experiment of social engineering. This administration in its lust for power and government control is collectivizing us at a rapid pace delivering us the poison feast of socialism, while the government dines on the carcass of freedom.

 So now, let us celebrate this holiday founded on liberty for all men, before the politically correct change the name of the Fourth of July to “The Fireworks Holiday,” for fear our liberty might be construed as offensive to some people.

 The day people become offended by our freedom, our independence, our individual rights, is the day they can all go to hell; at the point of a gun if need be.

  So let us celebrate this holiday commemorating our independence from government tyranny; happy birthday America and happy Fourth of July to all of you. You make me proud to be an American.


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