Virtual Town Hall Meeting

In response to the lady who stood up earlier at this meeting and told us: “Health care is not a privilege; health care is a right.”

 On the contrary madam, you couldn’t be more wrong. Health care is not a right; nowhere in the constitution or the bill of rights does it state this falsehood. Health care is not a right, nor is social justice, nor food, or shelter for that matter. Nobody owes you anything; however, as a citizen of this country you are free to seek out these things by way of the power vested in you.

 With all due respect madam, if it is European style socialism you seek, by all means move to Europe. Perhaps while you’re in Europe you can embrace the rapid growing Islamic culture. I hope you can find a berqa that fits you.

 As for you congressmen, there is nothing so wrong with health care now, or at any time in the future that could possibly justify the federal government to seize control of it, thus nationalizing 15 % of the GDP. There is no excuse for government to nationalize any free- market enterprise, and to do so is a flagrant violation of the constitution.

 If your altruistic desire is to insure the uninsured citizens of this country, I suggest you start by terminating the lucrative tax loophole known as the non-profit hospital charter. Make all hospitals for profit. The enormous tax savings by the federal government will be more than enough to buy insurance for all uninsured Americans. Moreover, this will promote transparency in the health care industry, forcing hospitals to compete for market share.

 Of course your tax dogging friend and former disgraced Health and Human Services appointee, Tom Daschle, who just so happens to lobby on behalf of United Health Inc. and other related health care industries, will not be pleased. But hey, how long must we pander to these special interest groups and power brokers anyway.

 If I may speak candidly congressmen, special interest, lobbyists, and lucrative government contracts are synonymous with every government bureaucracy. Is it any wonder why, with Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration, and Public Health Service, that healthcare is now in need of resuscitation? The solution for our ailing health care system is not more government; it is a gradual government withdrawal from the market place. Let the market forces of capitalism heal that which the government bureaucracy has crippled.


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