Politically Correct Insanity

The recent massacre at Fort Hood is just another in a series of attacks on military personnel perpetrated by the jihadist enemy within. Kuwait, March 23, 2003, Camp Pennsylvania, Sergeant Hassan Akbar killed two enlisted men and wounded 14 in a premeditated grenade attack on his fellow officers.

 Not once have I heard this mentioned in light of the recent attack at Fort Hood. Political pundits, the media, and politicians alike are all reluctant to step forward and acknowledge, this is not an isolated incident. They are afraid their reputation and careers may suffer at the hands of the politically correct who now control the media, academia, the courts, and the government of the United States.

 Turning back a page in history, we discover the poster boy of the left, the champion of socialism and the progressive movement, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, issued executive order #9066, interning some 120,000 Japanese Americans in “relocation camps” for fear of espionage during WW II. Back then, we were still a nation of Americans, and the mere threat of an enemy population on our shores during time of war was enough to incarcerate 120,000 civilians, whom, because of nationality, may have been Japanese sympathizers.

 What we are witnessing is the vitriol of the progressive movement; it employs political correctness, and altruism to advance its irrational ideology. What’s the difference between a jihadist in our military and a jihadist on the battle fields of the Middle East; are they not both the enemy? Apparently, our politically correct military cannot identify who the enemy is anymore, if they cannot identify the enemy, let alone destroy them, one must conclude: this country has no business waging any war.  

 Why do we tolerate the evident threat of radical Islam on our shores? Is it because we are afraid to offend them or the politically correct element within our government?  “Oh, did I offend you? I am truly sorry; here, by all means, chop off my head.”

 It seems some would rather sacrifice us to the sword than be politically incorrect, if this be the case, than I want to denounce political correctness in favor of my life, in favor of my liberty, in favor of our civilization.




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