Winning The Debate

Should you have the unfortunate task of engaging a member of the left in a debate about universal healthcare, I recommend the following talking points. Ask these pertinent questions and demand answers. Do not let them evade reason, context drop, or appeal to altruism. Don’t be drawn into argument; you are far too wise to engage in a power struggle with a subjectivist.

  These questions are straight forward and have only one correct answer.  You will soon discover whether you are speaking to a rational individual, a pathological liar, or a pragmatist, who insists reality is malleable and subject to their whim.

  •  How can rationing healthcare improve the quality of healthcare?
  •  How can waiting months for life saving treatments and drugs, improve someone’s quality of life? 
  •  If a layperson bureaucrat intervenes between me and my physician on behalf of the government, and tells my physician how to proceed with my care, does this improve the quality of my care?
  •  How can the government claim to make healthcare more affordable and “budget neutral” buy adding layer upon layer of bureaucracy to manage socialize medicine?
  •  How can insurance industry compete with a government that monopolizes healthcare and imposes antitrust legislation on insurance companies?
  •  When the government creates another monopoly and selectively awards lucrative federal contracts to hospitals, unions, GE, and their political cronies, won’t this drive up the cost of healthcare?
  •  How can the government rationalize seizing control of 6% of the GDP on behalf of only 13 million uninsured individuals?
  •  Who is going to pay for this massive entitlement spending?

 Congratulations! You now know more about heath care reform than most congressmen. It wasn’t as complex as the government, and the left would have you believe. The answer to these questions is obvious to any rational person. It should be easy to identify your adversary. Most likely they will be a statist with a socialistic agenda, or a shiftless entitlement recipient who believes the working class is at their disposal or a pragmatist — most likely a politician — trying to stay in office by buying votes through entitlement spending.

 If the government can’t fund existing entitlement obligations like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, if the government can’t run a cash for clunkers program, or an H1N1 vaccination program, how can it expect to run a massive government health care program?


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