The Moral War

In order to examine American foreign policy, it is imperative to examine the morality of war. A moral war is one fought in self-defense. This could be to defend our national sovereignty, or to protect the citizens of the United States from foreign aggressions. These aforementioned conditions include threats of aggression from hostile regimes, in which case, preemption would be a moral option for self-defense. A moral war is one that holds victory its primary objective.

 The last moral war this government fought was with feudal Japan during World War II. Destroying Nazi Germany’s quest for world domination, ethnic cleansing and eugenic tampering, was indeed a moral endeavor; however, Japan is the perfect example of how to fight and win a moral war.

 Back then we had the intellectual capacity to identify the enemy, its strengths and weaknesses, along with its enabling enemy population that not only supported the regime, but spread the ideology of imperialism. Back then we knew the key to victory was the total destruction of the aggressor nation, its political structure, its infrastructure, and the will of the enabling masses that supported the ideology of imperialism. Back then, we fought to win.

 We bombed temples, schools, and hospitals, we allowed no safe haven. This aggressive campaign destroyed their country, crushing the will of the people to fight and support their hostile ideology. And when the Japanese wanted a conditional surrender, our foreign policy advisors realized that would result in a long and bloody protracted war on foreign soil, costing thousands of American military lives, and quiet possibly, end in a resurgence of the regime, inevitably handing us defeat. So we did the morally expedient thing; we dropped two atomic bombs. This saved the lives of thousands of American servicemen and women. This remains a sterling example of how to fight and win a war based on the moral prerogative of self preservation.

 Today we are engaged in an immoral war with battle lines drawn in Iraq and Afghanistan. This war is immoral because we do not seek victory. This administration has yet to even identify the enemy. We are told by today’s leaders, the enemy is al-Qaida and the Taliban, granted these are enemy factions; they are just splinter groups, tentacles of a much larger monster. The real enemy, our leaders fail to identify is the radical nation of Islam, or Islamic Totalitarianism. The Nations that harbor this monster, train and arm militias and fund terrorism around the world, spreading the Islamic ideology of Jihad, is Iran and Saudi Arabia.

 The Iraq war is immoral because we invaded a country not to defend our freedom, not to ensure safety for America and its people, but to spread democracy. Our service men and women have died in Iraq so the Muslim people of Iraq could vote themselves Islamic Fundamentalism. We have taken radical Islam out of the shadows and alley ways and empowered them in the new parliamentary government of Iraq. This act of democracy has legitimized radical Islam, emboldening the terrorists that threaten the foundation of our civilization.

 This war is immoral. Instead of defeating the enemy we have elevated them with rights and privileges which is the corner stone of America’s Just War Theory. It is this failed intellectual strategy that now dominates our nations foreign policy. Observe the three navy seals now facing court-martial for capturing the murdering terrorist Ahmed Hasham Abed, who incidentally busted his lip during apprehension and cried foul. This spurred the state department into action, condemning our own servicemen over the perceived rights of the enemy. Or more recently, the Christmas Day air line bomber who was Mirandized and allowed to lawyer up, halting our efforts to gain valuable intelligence of impending attacks, thwarting our ability to keep Americans safe. Imagine for a moment, you’re a soldier on the battlefield, but you are apprehensive to use your weapon, for to kill or injure the enemy may buy you a life sentence in Leavenworth back in the states. This is the immorality of American foreign policy today.

 Instead of killing the enemy we are building them roads and power grids, hospitals and schools. We are squandering our nation’s fortune, impoverishing future generations to lift a tribal people (who despise us) out of poverty. We do this with the arcane hope that if enough sacrifice is made, if enough American blood is spilled and enough fortune squanderd, these thugs who danced in the streets on 9/11 will embrace us and abandon their religious fervor for conquest. This is the immoral war we wage with the same ineptitude in Afghanistan.

 This war is immoral because victory is not, nor was it ever the goal. The goal was to improve the lives of the Iraqi citizens based on the neoconservative ideology of Just War Theory. This Social Service War is founded on a creed of altruism and self sacrifice. This war with its various front lines is not only unwinnable, but will eventually end in Americas defeat at a price paid in American blood and fortune.

 End notes:

1 Winning the Unwinnable War (Elan Journo)


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  1. I agree with you!

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