Small Victories

Congratulations are in order for the populous movement that put Scott Brown in the senate; this is the same populous movement that put a black man in the white house last year, the same movement that will remove both if they do not heed the populous call of the people to abandon the path of socialism and once again defend the constitution and the individual rights of free men.

 This is much more than a victory for Scott Brown; he just happened to be in the right place at the right time to ride the wave of social unrest in this country. By now, all politicians should understand this same populous movement is about to change the composition of this government. We can and will command this government through the election process to serve the peoples agenda once more; for we are a waking giant and this is but a yawn, wait until we stretch and flex our muscles.

 This is a victory over the progressive movement, which abandoned reason in favor of subjectivism, rationalism, and pragmatism. This is a victory over the irrational intelligentsia that has dominated academia for the last century poisoning the minds of those they were entrusted to teach. This is a victory over the political elite, the entitled few who actually thought they could quash the fortune and the will of the American people, by leading them down the path of socialist ruin.

 This is a victory against irrational Keynesian economics that states government must spend its way out of a recession. This is a victory against a pragmatic foreign policy insistent on closing Gitmo, a foreign policy that ascribes to the doctrine of Just War theory, a foreign policy that wages an unwinnable war of sacrifice in the Middle East. This is a victory against socialized medicine, which has been an oppressive failure wherever adopted. This is a victory against an altruistic environmental movement that demands national sacrifice and wealth redistribution, destroying our standard of living while simultaneously impoverishing our children for generations, all to bolster their fallacious argument of man made climate change. This is a victory against a tyrannical government which assumes it knows how to spend the people’s money better than the people themselves. This is a victory against special interest in favor of free market capitalism, a victory against government subjugation of business and industry, a victory against government control of our fortune and lives.

 This is a victory for the Tea Party Patriots, the 9 12 organization, and every American who spoke out at town hall meetings, and called their congressmen to demand fiscal responsibility and free market alternatives to government run health care. This is a victory for every American who spoke with their neighbors to concur that American government has gone astray, and the progressive trend of socialist democracy must end. Above all this is a victory for a proper philosophic doctrine, one founded on reason and logic, one governed by the metaphysical nature of reality. This is a victory of the mind, a mind bound by reason that comprehends reality in practice and application.


Philanthropy vs Altruism

Philanthropy is a moral volitional act. It is moral precisely because it is volitional. The donation could be monetary, equipment or art; it could be voluntary service to a cause deemed worthy by the individual. The cause may be to feed the poor, or help battered woman, build a library or museum, or it may be a donation that benefits a civilized organization or business.  The choice belongs to the benefactor.

Groups that fundraise or solicit donations for specific causes may or may not be moral in action. This is for the benefactor to decide based on his or her values and preference. If a group raises funds by expounding the merits of a cause, expounding the merits of the beneficiary, and those merits align with the benefactor’s ethos, by all means, this is a moral endeavor. However, if the soliciting group uses guilt, intimidation or force to obtain the donation, this is immoral. For example: “What do you mean you won’t donate to the poor victims of the Katrina Hurricane tragedy. What are you selfish?” or “What do you mean you won’t donate to The United Negro College Fund, what are you an Uncle Tom?” Likewise philanthropy should not be confused with the religious doctrine of self sacrifice, often hiding behind the guise of charity. Philanthropy is moral; self sacrifice is not.

 If philanthropy is your bag, by all means do it, but do it at your own expense, don’t collectivize the rest of us in an act of sacrifice for what the collective perceives as a moral pursuit. This will only result in the sacrifice of some men for the benefit of other men, the enslavement of productive men, to be sacrificed for those whom cannot or will not produce for themselves. This ladies and gentlemen is beyond immoral; this is altruism.

 Altruism is an immoral lie masquerading as philanthropy. We have been taught in public schools for generations that morality lies in the act of selfless giving. This opens the floodgates for a creed of self sacrifice, the creed of altruism. This is written in scripture; it is the commanding doctrine of religion. This same doctrine has been adopted by government and enforced by the omnipotent power of the state. However, instead of conformity by guilt which is the credo of religion, the state demands compliance at the point of a gun. This begs the question: if the benefactor doesn’t choose who or what is worthy of their selfless giving then who does? The collective decides who is to benefit; the state decides who is worthy of their patronage, a patronage extorted from the wealth of the masses, under the disguise of moral righteousness. The state tells us that the recipient of our sacrifice is always worthy, and we the benefactors are bound by moral duty to sacrifice.

 There is nothing moral about confiscating personal wealth in the form of taxes to distribute to any social cause the state deems worthy. There is nothing moral about forced servitude into a government program the state considers just. There is nothing moral about seizing personal property, destroying the individual rights of man, sacrificing them on the altar of altruism for any capricious notion the state desires. There is no poor, no victim class, no environmental catastrophe, no social burden here in the states or in the world at large that can justify the seizure of individual wealth, properly, and the rights of free men.

For decades, progressive government has twisted our language, perverted our nomenclature, obscuring the definitions between philanthropy and altruism in a con-game, trying to convince the masses that altruism is moral. This is the greatest hoax perpetrated upon man since the dawn of civilization. The state has corrupted charity, corrupted philanthropy, corrupted that which was and still is the moral pursuit of individual men. They have monopolized altruism for the benefit of the state, empowering themselves as politicians, growing their bureaucracies to unsustainable proportions, enriching themselves, their families and constituents, by sacrificing the common man for those “Moral Purposes” they, the chosen few, feel it is our obligation to serve.

 The insidious consequence of altruism is the notion that if mans duty is to sacrifice for others. If this is what’s moral, then mans right to live for his own benefit is immoral. Man has no right to live for his own purpose, for his own productive nature, for his own happiness. If mans moral duty is to sacrifice and die for others, he has no right to live for himself. This is philosophical suicide; this is the immoral creed of sadists, of Attila’s, of fascist, and socialist, this is the immoral creed of socialist democracy in America today.