Opportunity Comes Knocking

There is no mistaking; this government is run by special interest. Until now it has been the politically connected, organized labor, and collectivist entities (thanks to Mccain Feingold) that have been allowed to pour financing into the election process, an election process that perpetuates their power base with tax breaks, subsidies, and lucrative federal contracts. But no more, it’s time to rectify the lopsided partisan flow of special interest money that fills the bureaucratic coffers in Washington.

 The defeat of McCain-Feingold is a constitutional shot in the arm, an inoculation against bias legislation that favors special interest in the political arena. Those most threatened by this first amendment victory decry: “This will open the flood gates to special interest.” DUH! This is exactly the point; to create competition in the lopsided political arena were political pull and favoritism protects the mediocre and the politically connected. For over a century the largesse of government has been sucking the life blood out of the business man, the entrepreneur, the industrialist, these creative individuals whom we owe our jobs our prosperity and our high standard of living.

 The time has come to stop the grift and end political protectionism in Washington. Big government is a malignancy, and capitalism is the cure. Capitalism is the panacea that can stop the flood of industry from leaving our shores; capitalism is the only means of true sustainable job creation, the only way to grow wealth, ensure property ownership, and advance freedom.

 This first amendment victory —handed down from the Supreme Court —is an opportunity for business and industry to pool their fiscal resources and support a pro capitalism candidate. Business consortiums must avoid the trap of special interest that has lead them to ruin; they must not pander for government contracts, privileges or subsidies; they must forsake the notion that government grants privileges to conduct business. It’s time to demand the right to conduct business as free men without government coercion.

 The moral goal of campaign finance should seek legislation that will liberate all business and industry from the oppressive yoke of antitrust. Repeal the antiquated Sherman Act which entitles a parasitic government to attack and bleed the successful producers in society. The economic prosperity of our nation and our freedom as a people depends not on government regulation of industry, with its antitrust and oppressive taxation, but on a free market economy that champions productivity, innovation, and competition. Free these entrepreneurs of business, these geniuses of industry and technology. Cast off their chains, so they can grow this economy once more. Let capitalism restore that which government has stolen and destroyed. Let these champions of industry reinvent our economic power, to carry the beacon of prosperity and freedom so that once again America can lead the world by example.


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