Part I:Democracy Demise

Democracy, by definition, is nothing more than majority rule. It is neither synonymous with freedom or capitalism. However, freedom and capitalism are essential if democracy is to flourish. With the ongoing confiscation of liberty in America, and the destruction of capitalism by a government that has seized 48% of the nations GDP. It’s no wonder we observe the abject failure of democracy in America today.

 For the last year while the health care debate raged on capital hill, every opinion poll demonstrated the majority of Americans opposed the health care legislation known as Obama Care. Yet this administration defied the will of the majority and passed this heinous legislation, imposing the ideological will of the government upon the people.

 This is not democracy. This pragmatic administration, in an attempt to rationalize its egregious decision, stated that Obama was elected by a majority of votes during a democratic process; that the majority of Americans voted for change therefore his administration has a mandate to legislate whatever change they choose, regardless of the post election majority consensus. This is not democracy. This is despotism.

The looming question is what comes next? What supreme order will the dictator impose against the will of the majority in opposition? With an impending VAT tax, Cap and Trade, and Immigration reform waiting in the wings, you can be certain, overwhelming public opinion will once again be rejected in favor of government sorcery, including reconciliation, gerrymandering, and Slaughter chicanery. This oppressive concentration of power in Washington can only prevail to enslave the population and force a totalitarian ideology upon the masses.


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