Part III American Fascism

In the previous two blog installments I exposed the destruction of our republic and constitution. I have demonstrated the inherent dangers and failures of democracy in America today. Now the question remains, what brand of totalitarianism are we?

 Our fearless leaders seem bent on emulating the Socialist Democracies of the European Union. The European nations are so vogue, so eclectic, their social economic failures are so nuance; we can’t wait to try them here in this country.

 Basically, a “Socialist Democracy” means we get to vote in our oppressors. This social experiment starts out with the masses voting for candidates promising entitlement programs. Cushy government jobs with attractive health care benefits and lavish pension plans for those ideologues that support the regime. Then coercive labor monopolies are allowed to flourish, government sponsored entities that are immune to the anti-trust laws.

 With every new government program, special interest groups are formed. Soon the political pull of all these special interest with their money and influence control the direction of government. With so many special interests gnawing and fighting each other for control of the government purse strings, those with the most power and clout prevail in securing government entitlements; these are the entities that determine national policy.

 So where does government get the wealth to pay for special interest entitlements? Well, from the private sector of course, controling the wealth of successful industries and businesses. They plunder the individual prosperity of the citizenry in the form of taxes. And when those windfalls can’t sustain their rapacious spending, they print fiat money dumping it on the market gobbling up more national wealth through inflation. Historically, this cyclic growth which perpetuates government control has always failed; eventually, they run out productive victims to sacrifice, and oppressive totalitarianism prevails.

 Witness the civil unrest in Greece when threatened with fiscal collapse. Truth is, the economic failures of “Socialist Democracy” spawns anarchy, and now other European nations, Germany, Ireland, and Spain, are teetering on the verge of insolvency.

 This all sounds haunting familiar; dreadfully close to our situation here in the states. However, our government has indemnified its fiat purchases’ with market shares of banks, insurance companies, and automotive companies. Our elected government officials know they can’t nationalize industry and business, that would kill off the private sector they are so found of robbing. Instead they prefer to leave it private, but reserve the power to control production. This is fascism.

 The government uses a constellation of tools to regulate the means of production, The Interstate Commerce Clause, The Antiquities Act, The Sherman Act (better known as anti-trust laws) just to name a few. Of lately the government has spent the tax payer’s money directly to bail out failing industry and financial institutions, which consequently, are big enough to fail. In this country, regulation and anti-trust equals fascism.

 When the government can’t usurp existing industries it desires, it creates some, and lately the government desires to be in the energy business. It entices venture capital out of the private sector with tax breaks, subsidies, favorable legislation and lucrative government contracts. The most recent of these unsustainable energy blunders are ethanol and bio-diesel. They can’t compete in the marketplace without heavy subsidies.

 Now the government is chasing green technologies that have been abysmal economic failures in (you guessed it) Europe. This plea to preserve the environment is nothing more than an altruistic hoax based on fictitious climate science. The real cash cow the government seeks to exploit here is the carbon credit market which is another form of fiat currency employed to regulate industry. Make no mistake here, our national identity is fascism. After all, the politicians do have the blessing of the central banks and special interest consortiums on Wall Street.

 It is important to remember that in the end oppressive totalitarianism is always one crisis away. The collapse of the dollar, an overt act of terrorism, an environmental catastrophe (either genuine or contrived) could all lead to civil unrest, martial law, a police state, and despotism.


Part II: The Constitutional Republic

“But we are not a democracy we are a Constitutional Republic,” say you. Although, that was surely the intention of the founding fathers, both political parties have, and continue to stray from constitutional law and the republic.

 This current administration is more than happy to roll out the constitution when it furthers their socialist ideology of an egalitarian society, and then readily discards it in a heap when it represents the intended purpose of ensuring individual rights, freedom, and curtailing the ravenous power of government. In today’s political climate one need not travel far to find examples of both.

 In violation of constitutional law, the government health care bill known as Obamacare, states that every American must purchase health care insurance or face a penalty. However, this mandate doesn’t apply to everyone. The government reserves the privilege to pick and choose who must comply based on the bureaucracy’s classification of need. Another transgression is it shifts the unsustainable Medicare costs onto the states for financing a federal program. This entire health care bill is unconstitutional. The government can’t fabricate rights not outlined in the constitution, or the bill of rights, and then seize sixteen percent of the GDP in order to satisfy these self imposed obligations.

 This particular slight of hand is made possible by the enumerated powers of Congress to regulate interstate commerce. The interstate commerce act has been used often and widely since the New Deal to justify expansions of federal power over any economic activity the government arbitrarily chooses.

 On the flip side of the constitutional coin the government is now declaring the state law of Arizona, which deals with illegal immigration, unconstitutional. Under the constitution, federal law is the supreme law of the land and states may not pass laws that seek to overshadow federal statutes. However, this is not the case. The Arizona law does not pre-empt federal immigration law, it creates no new immigration crimes it merely supports existing federal statutes on illegal immigration.

 Rest assured this legal challenge will fall on the Supreme Courts subjective interpretation of the constitution. Whereby the justice’s pervasive ideology will knead the language of the constitution into malleable lump of clay, then manipulate it to serve their often misguided motives to advance the government agenda.

 One may also challenge the constitutionality of the Czars, appointed by the president without congressional oversight. These hand picked ideologues are immune to congressional review, and they report to the president only. So far these obscure individuals are responsible for spending over a trillion dollars of the tax payer’s money.

 Unfortunately, there are a host of tools employed by the government to circumvent the constitution. These include International law, United Nations treaties, The EPA, and a multitude of other government agencies that give the executive branch unbridled reign.

 From this, one can conclude the constitution is impotent; it no longer serves the intended purpose to protect the rights, liberty, and property, of the individual. It is only called into play to advance societal benefit, the collective benefit, the states benefit. So are we a constitutional republic? In theory only; in practice no. Long live the Republic.