Reality Transcends Racism

I am tired of the same old shibboleths coming from the left, calling anyone who opposes them a racist or a bigot; they too often rush to judgment branding all opposition as hate speech.

 If one employs reason and logic to deduce a fact, a common truth, based on reality, and expresses that observation in speech or writing, that is neither racism, nor hate speech.

 For example: This administration is pursuing a failed foreign policy in Afghanistan and Iraq. You can’t conduct a war or a battle with rules of engagement that call for self sacrifice; you can’t win a war without first identifying the enemy. This is not an opinion. This is a fact, founded on historical precedence. Now the president just happens to be a black man. This is not a racist statement, this is an observable fact.

 Here is another example: Phoenix is burdened by a population of illegal aliens who have crossed the Mexican border. Phoenix has the highest rate of kidnapping of any city in America, which is directly related to the human smuggling and drug trafficking of these nefarious illegal aliens. This is a well documented fact. It is neither racist nor bigoted to point out the truth.

 Reality exists; it is the universe that surrounds us every day. Reality is what it is at any given moment. It cannot by nature be racist, bigoted or hateful these are human attributes.

 For example: Any time government officials (politicians) legislate policy or law that elevates people with money and services based on their race or gender, they automatically discriminate against all those who don’t share those same attributes. The causality of this human endeavor is racial prejudice. Any time the government legislates privilege and gives money to the NAACP or the Affirmative Action Coalition, they instigate divisive government sponsored racism in America.

 This is an observable fact; just because I pointed it out, doesn’t make me a racist or a bigot, and to call me such would be an unfounded fallacious opinion, which amounts to nothing more than capricious subjectivism on the part of the accuser.

 Here is another example: The NAACP stated publicly that racist factions reside in the Tea Party. They based this opinion on a video—possibly orchestrated—of one person holding an offensive sign at a rally. Now, if one or two individuals did something morally repugnant those individuals should be held accountable for their actions, but for the NAACP to publically denounce the entire Tea Party movement as containing racist elements is a presumptuous opinion unfounded in reality, which amounts to nothing more than irrational subjectivism.

 Another fallacious opinion held by many is since the President is a black man; anyone who disagrees with his policies is a racist. This is a baseless accusation unfounded in reality. It is a bigoted opinion.

 All men are created equal. Dr Martin Luther King lost his life defending this principle. Our forefathers wrote it into our constitution; it is one of the desirable attributes that makes this country great.

 Now, if you think that you are somehow superior because of your ethnicity or gender. If you demand entitlements to the earned wealth of another mans labor, if you think you can subjugate the individual rights of your fellow man, to provide for your wonton desire based on your race, you are a racist.

It is immoral to infringe upon the individual rights of another human being. This is an observable truth, a gilt free observation that has no racial implication what so ever.


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