Politically Correct Psychosis

In the high profile trial of Brian David Mitchell, Elizabeth Smart gave startling testimony about how her abductor evaded capture in Salt Lake City, Utah. Apparently, a homicide detective happened across two veiled women outside a public restroom at a library. When the detective instructed Ms. Smart to drop her vale, Mitchell intervened rebuking the officer on the grounds of religious freedom.

 Mitchell had hidden his hostage’s identity behind a veil of cloth, which enabled him to parade her in plain sight. The officer, obviously intimidated by political correctness, let Mitchell and his accomplice leave unmolested with Elizabeth Smart their captive. It’s troubling how a dangerous criminal can evoke religious freedom and abscond from justice in this country. This example is particularly disturbing considering Mitchell’s convoluted idea that religion involves kidnapping, rape, and torture, basically the utter destruction of someone else’s individual rights. Mitchell’s perverse religious ideology shares a common theme predominant in all religion; that is mysticism is superior to reason.

 Like the police officer who abandoned reason and logic, subjugating his mind to the superiority of a criminal’s mysticism. The cultural elitist of our country have elevated mysticism over the superiority of mans mind. They bludgeon our intellect with the politically correct doctrine of tolerance. Tolerance we are instructed is the moral ideal of our time. Tolerance commands we abort reason for we dare not identify the evil amongst us. It commands we suspend all judgment and refrain from conceptualizing right from wrong, for a belief in mysticism, no matter how illogical, corrupt, or vile, takes precedence over mans rational mind.

 One should be reminded of the war of civilizations being waged against us and the world by the radical nation of Islam. Time and time again the politically correct remind us that denouncing a religion that enslaves women and children which negates mans rights while simultaneously putting all non-conformist to death is not in our best interest.

 Nowhere is this irrational mindset more prevalent than on the battle fields of the Middle East. The politically correct have perverted democracy to enhance Islamic totalitarianism. There the word freedom is used synonymously with jihad. Murder and oppression are elevated to a virtue in the name of religion, in the name of mysticism.

 Here in the free world people who harbor fugitives are brought to trial and punished. If you are cognizant of a murder and don’t report it, you may stand trial for conspiracy. Should you give a murderer safe harbor you are guilty of aiding and abetting. However, on the battle fields of Afghanistan aiding and abetting go unpunished. Civilians provide safe harbor for our enemies with impunity. Over there you can bear arms against American forces one minute, then drop your gun and walk away a civilian the next. And should one loose their life while aiding and abetting the enemy they are considered civilian casualties of war, victims in the eyes of the world. Over there the enemy is free use their mosques to stock pile weapons and perpetrate acts of terror with impunity, all in the name of religious zealotry, all in the name of mysticism.

 It should be noted that a benevolent religion doesn’t kill those opposed to their brand of mysticism. A benevolent religion is one that promotes the individual rights of man. A benevolent religion doesn’t enslave mans mind, or claim self sacrifice as a moral ideal.

 Whether it is a church of one, as is in Brain David Mitchell’s case or a congregation of millions. Any form of mysticism that negates mans rights, negates mans rational mind, and elevates the promise of sacrifice and death as virtuous is no religion. It is nothing more than a cult of death, and takes no precedence over man’s intellect.


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