Sacred Cows


We are in the midst of an economic meltdown in America, and the debate rages over how to shrink government spending. So far, our unsustainable welfare state, with unfunded liabilities namely Social Security and Medicare are slated for fiscal purging, yet no politician, political pundit, or media talking head has ever mention the second unsustainable welfare state that goes by the title of American foreign aid.

 Lawmakers are poised to shrink government spending on entitlements here at home; yet international entitlements in the form of economic aid remain a sacred cow. Billions of tax dollars annually are sent overseas to supposedly allay one humanitarian crisis after another. Our federal government assumes the roll of benefactor, on behalf of the tax payer, empowering themselves, to distribute international welfare at their discretion. Haiti is a sterling example in a long list of such foreign aid failures. In this case (as in many) a corrupt regime steals and squanders the foreign aid empowering themselves, while keeping the masses impoverished. These masses view America, not as a benevolent provider, but rather an accomplice, supporting the oppressive regime.

 Another foreign aid fiasco comes disguised as trade policy. In this instance taxpayer dollars are spent to bolster trade in developing nations. In actuality our government is giving tax revenue to nations who then turn around and use it to buy American goods. This is all done under the guise of free trade. Free trade does not involve government manipulation of markets; this is a non sequitur; it’s like claiming that sex cures AIDs. You can bet special interests have greased the political machine, subsidizing their goods to nations who purchased them with dollars extorted from the taxpayer.

 President Obama has pledged billions in financial aid to fund the United Nations. This subversive organization embraces hostile rogue regimes, human rights offenders, and state sponsors of terrorism bent on destroying the west. Our own government is complicit destroying our national sovereignty by circumventing our constitution through international law. We are directly funding the UN mission to enact voodoo climate legislation on a global scale, in effect, redistributing our national wealth on behalf of wanton welfare nations. There is no justifiable argument, altruistic or otherwise, to support this illegitimate practice of wealth redistribution.


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