Leftist Hate Mongering

It’s amazing how swiftly the left, with the aid of a complacent media, has raced to politicize the tragic Arizona shooting. Driven by an ideology of political hatred for those opposed to their fallacious principles of socialist utopia, they have arbitrarily, without any rational evidence, condemned the entire conservative movement for the actions of a crazed individual.

 Let us not forget, when it comes to violence perpetrated by a political ideology the left is unsurpassed. http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/01/the_left_not_the_right_owns_po.html It is this leftist enmity that fuels the politics of hate in today’s culture. It is unconscionable the left should use this tragedy to attack those who uphold conservative values namely; personal responsibility, individual liberty, limited government, constitutional law, and capitalistic free markets, for these conservative values have made America the strongest most prosperous nation on earth, a beacon of freedom amidst a world of totalitarian oppression.

 Having keynoted several tea party rally’s over the past two years I can personally attest to the moral integrity of this conservative movement. We do not condone, hate speech of any kind, nor do we champion one political party over the other. We inform our attendees of these ground rules at the beginning of each rally, and to date we have never had to cut off the microphone on anybody. We remain a grassroots movement of peaceful, constitutional activists. We have always taken the moral high ground; it is  with integrity, and an insatiable appetite for truth, that the tea party has exploded on the political scene.

 In a free society, people of moral integrity do not employ coercion or violence to impose their will upon others. In a free society, moral individuals do their biding at the ballot box, invoking their constitutional rights, practicing their form of activism within the confines of American law. Remember, only governments have a monopoly on force.

 How far will the left go to politicize this tragedy and ramrod their agenda? Rest assured there will be an attack not only against our first and second amendment rights, but also a call for government regulation in the form of censorship for conservative talk radio and most likely the internet.


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