The Referendum Against Pragmatism

November 2nd has been touted as a referendum against President Obama, the democratic congress, and senate. Peel the onion back a little more and one will discover the true referendum was against pragmatism. It is pragmatic deceit perpetrated by a ruling class of liberals that Americans oppose; it is pragmatism with its antithetical view of reality, and associated consequences, that Americans fear as dangerous.

 Most Americans find moral guidance through religious doctrine, yet many remain philosophically bereft. They know something is dreadfully wrong in Washington, but they struggle to diagnose the political maelstrom that afflicts this nation.

 Consider this example of pragmatism; upon leaving her position as house speaker, Nancy (we have to first pass the bill to find out what’s in it) Pelosi, touted her liberal accomplishments as meritorious: passage of Obama Care, Don’t ask Don’t tell, and the ratification of START, all of which are fraught with hazard and opposed by a majority of Americans who are already straddled with insurmountable government debt, and 9.8% unemployment. But to a pragmatic Pelosi, her unpopular accomplishments moved this nation one step closer to the liberal goal of socialist utopia.

 Pragmatism with its essential tools: prudence, practicality, and political expediency, is immoral; it leads to capricious subjectivism. Show me any individual who lacks philosophical moral guidance, and I will show you a pragmatist; someone who believes reality is malleable and subject to their whimsical logic. For example, one may rob a liquor store at gunpoint. For the gunman, the practical thing to do is kill the clerk, rather than have that person pick them out of a police line up at a later date. In reality, one human being has killed another because it was the prudent thing to do at the time; the causality is someone has lost a loved one to violence, and the ramifications of this act will impact many lives indefinitely.

 Here is another illustration. A financial planner seeking wealth, power and lifestyle, devises a Ponzi scheme to swindle clients and acquaintances. It is both prudent and expedient for them to amass as much wealth as possible, stash it off shore, live lavishly in the moment, and should they get caught, do the time and emerge from prison a millionaire. In reality they have stolen fortune from businesses and families, leaving some bankrupt and destitute, leaving others to contemplate suicide, and the causation of this pragmatic act, cascades forward for generations.

 In the political realm, pragmatism is much more pernicious. Pragmatic politicians have buried our nation with insurmountable debt, brought economic destruction on the private sector, demolished our foreign policy and replaced liberty with socialist tyranny. They create class warfare and institutionalize divisive racism.  They lavish, favor on one special interest group while looting another, placing political expediency over objective reality. The moral implications of political pragmatism are the tangible lost of our republic and civilization as we know it.


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