Enter the Theocrats

Democrats and republicans alike are culpable for America’s failed foreign policy in the Middle East. Now they are trying (with their media accomplices) to project the uprising in Egypt as a plea for freedom by the Egyptian people crying out for democracy. The people of Egypt know not freedom or democracy; they do however, know religious zealotry. Egypt is governed by a supposed president and parliament under the pretense of a republic complete with a constitution. In reality it is an oligarchy which resembles dictatorial totalitarianism.

The civil unrest in the streets of Cairo is fueled by Islamic totalitarianism, seeking to over through a socialist dictatorial regime and replace it with theocratic socialist regime. In actuality, we are witnessing the evolution of totalitarianism, whereby warring factions fight for control of the state, and like a street fight, the victor will be the one who escalates the violence, and in this case it will most likely be the Islamic Brotherhood or an offshoot thereof.

 This begs the question why have we propped up a dictator for thirty years with taxpayer dollars; why do we, asupposed free nation, support totalitarian regimes with taxpayer dollars. Eventually all dictatorships fail; socialism begets more socialism, the cast of characters change but the outcome is always the same: violence, corruption, despotism, and political oppression, these are the byproducts of a police state; these are the tools of socialism.

The real criminality is watching America’s political leaders compound our failed foreign policy, with more foreign policy failures, claiming Mubarak was not a dictator, portraying the rioters as freedom fighters, extolling the virtues of Al Jazeera Media. Claiming Islam is a peaceful religion, claiming the terrorists are isolated fanatics acting at random, apart from Islamic ideology. And the pathological lie of the day: that the civil unrest in Egypt is caused by people seeking freedom and democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

 It is so disingenuous for politicians and the liberal media to advocate that we are witnessing freedom and democracy in action. It is America’s foreign policy failures that empower our enemies; spreading democracy in the Middle East has delivered us Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic socialism in Iran. In Iraq we toppled a dictator only to replace him with a parliament of Islamic fundamentalists.

 Egypt is a politically vacuous nation awaiting a succession of socialist, ushered into office under the guise of freedom and democracy; it will undoubtedly be heralded by American politicians as a triumph of the human spirit, another victory for freedom.


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