Misnomer of the Week

Predatory Capitalism is another oxymoron frequently tossed about by the talking heads of media stardom. Capitalism in governed by inherent market forces; supply and demand, acquisitions and mergers, relative product desirability, quality vs. quantity, innovation and marketing, all in an endless pursuit to capture market share. This is competitive not predatory.

 A predatory industry or entity is one that is incentivized by government intervention. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac come to mind, these government sponsored entities deemed to big to fail. Every time the government subsidizes industry they create an unfair market advantage fraught with predation. Can you say GM and GE? Consider other entities granted immunity against the anti-trust laws curtailed in the Sherman Act, and presto, you have Union Labor, or should I say Predatory Labor?

 Tipi Wind Ranch Podcast (part two) Confessions of a Neophyte Objectivist.


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