Misnomer of the Day

The word Progressive, when applied to the ideology of the left, means Socialism: Marxist Socialism to be exact. The word progressive lends the impression of advancement forward with some vision for the future; this is far too kind a word to describe the left.  It is so typical of the left to adopt this word in an attempt to cloak their deeds, which happen to be less than desirable. A march toward socialism is not progress. Totalitarianism has been around since the dawn of civilization trying to resurrect socialistic disasters of historic proportion is regressive, not progressive.

 To ascribe the word progressive to define the leftist ideology is to bolster all that is putrefied; it’s like glorifying progressive malignant cancer. Hey, I have a progressive idea, let’s call them what they are (Marxist Socialists) and maybe, if we repeat this truth over and over, people will come to adopt it as true. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change? Anecdotal Objectivist


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