Misnomer of the Day

Quantitative Easing, otherwise known as monetizing the national debt, is Federal Reserve lingo for printing fiat currency and dumping it on the market through the central banking cartel. This impetuous act has only one conclusion; death by inflation. 

 Money or currency is subject to the same laws of supply and demand as all other commodities. In the afore mentioned scenario, the market is flooded with fiat money competing for tangible goods and services, too much currency demanding too few goods, raises the prices of commodities across the board. The only easing effect is the effortless way in which the government robs the wealth of its citizens through inflation, devaluing the money in your pocket as we speak.

 Remember we have already had QE I and QE II and Bernanke has said publically there will be no QE3; however, inflation is the primary role of the Federal Reserve, that and creating boom and bust cycles associated with artificial manipulation of interest rates. It wouldn’t surprise me if they change the name of this destructive practice to make it more palatable to the masses and then reintroduce it as something new, something special. Hey, how about Qualitative Easing?  And now: <a href="http://www.divshare.com/flash/audio_embed?data=YTo2OntzOjU6ImFwaUlkIjtpOjQ7czo2OiJmaWxlSWQiO2k6MTQ4ODg1MTQ7czo0OiJjb2RlIjtzOjEyOiIxNDg4ODUxNC1kMDIiO3M6NjoidXNlcklkIjtpOjE5Mzc5NzM7czoxMjoiZXh0ZXJuYWxDYWxsIjtpOjE7czo0OiJ0aW1lIjtpOjEzMDU5MDA5MTM7fQ==&autoplay=“>The Anecdotal Objectivist


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