Misnomer of the Day

The word fair or fairness or most fair is at best subjectively ambiguous. It is custom tailored for the moral relativists in our midst. Of lately, this malleable word is used as a ploy, providing cannon fodder for the left’s mission of disseminating class warfare.

Ask any misguided altruist to explain, how is it moral to confiscate the private property (wealth) of one man then surrender it to another. Chances are the word fair will creep into their specious rationalization. Our illustrious president used the word 14 times in a campaign speech at a high school recently, appealing to that level of maturity characteristic of public school indoctrination.

Advocating fairness, which in this context happens to be immoral (sacrificing one’s individual rights while expanding the power of the state) is this president’s moral failing, consecrated in a political ideology of socialism, one which boarders on insanity, repeating the same socialistic failures over and over while anticipating a different outcome.

If his argument had any merit, he wouldn’t have to repeat the word fair fourteen times; apparently he’s banking on the age old axiom: If one repeats a falsehood over and over, others will come to believe it as true.


A Christmas Anecdote From the Tipi Wind Ranch

“Burn some of those for me,” I said to Robin as she pushed another sheet of Neiman Marcus cookies into the oven.

“I know how you like them, so this next batch is for you.”

Three minutes after the cooking timer sounded she brought forth a batch of, slightly burnt around the edge, cookies. I promptly burnt my tongue on a smoldering chocolate chip, then proceeded to eat sixteen more before they had a chance to cool.

Today she made peanut butter bon bons and sugar cookies (you know the ones with the green and red Christmas sprinkles on them). Contrary to what you may believe; I refrained from eating any. One has to show great restraint at this time of year because death by gluttony is always two bites away.

Winter arrived yesterday with an arctic air blast that froze my frost free hydrant out at the horse barn. I hadn’t anticipated this, since I had installed one of those high-tech-multi-special-no-freeze jobs several years ago. This is troublesome; the next outdoor faucet is 200 feet from the barn, or in labor terms: two one hundred foot hoses, which just happen to be frozen solid. So I struggle to coil them, (joy joy joy) it’s like trying to coil a pile of green oak branches. When finished, I haul the imperfect bundles along with two large dogs and two cats into the sunroom to thaw overnight, hopefully, those animals will generate enough body heat to keep the temp above freezing, or come morning I will be (six letter expletive here).

By mid-morning the temp had risen to a sweltering -1 Fahrenheit. Determined to deliver water for horses, I bundled up and make my move. Dashing outside I swiftly assemble the hoses while the north wind lashes my face. Running swiftly from the faucet to the water tank I stretch out the hose and promptly discover . . . I’m thirty feet short.

After recoiling the two hundred feet of hose, I drag it back into the sunroom, then precede to the shed to retrieve another fifty feet of gnarled frozen hose, which I heaped beside the rest.

The sunroom is like a sauna come afternoon, so I bolt from the house to join the three sections of hose and finally deliver the precious water. I stand by the tank and pet the horses as they drink with greedy enthusiasm. While the tank fills I watch the winter sun blaze out in the western sky and wonder what else hadn’t I anticipated . . . ?

It’s Christmas!  If only I had anticipated; my shopping (along with this letter) would have been done weeks ago. I would be cavorting in Christmas spirit by now, ready for mirth, merriment, and death by gluttony.

From our ranch to yours: Merry Christmas

Misnomer of the Day

The most inflammatory rhetoric emanating from the Justice Department these days has
to be this farcical misnomer referred to as: Domestic Terrorists. This
dangerous accusation has no relevancy in reality; it’s like claiming infants
are a threat to our national security, because one day they will grow to
adults, think for themselves, and discover freedom and individual rights are
the precursors to man’s prosperity and happiness.

When I think of domestic, I see June Cleaver clad in an apron frosting a cake in her
kitchen, Wally and the Beaver stand by her side, jockeying for position to lick
the mixing bowl and spoon.

When I think of terrorist, I see a mob of sharia loving Islamists stoning a woman to
death for the crime of being raped by a mob of sharia loving Islamists.

Marry these two polar opposite lifestyles together, disseminate it through an
irrational corrupt main stream media, and you give liberals a license to
condemn those who love freedom and cherish the constitution, condemn veterans
who have served this nation honorably, condemn everyone who has  raised a family, worked in the marketplace, paid taxes and owns property.

Trying to pawn off the notion that domesticated Americans are capable of terrorism is
another insane accusation, in a long list of insane accusations, perpetrated by
the insane left. This hate speech has serious ramifications; it’s a sterling
example of a totalitarian state demonizing its citizens to justify the use of
force to violate their individual rights.

Domestic Terrorism is a vicious lie, perpetrated to destroy our national heritage and
rob us of liberty. This is the same hyperbolae that marched the Jews into  gas chambers in Hitler’s Germany, forced millions into the concentration camps of Stalin’s Russia, and left millions
dead in the provinces of Mao’s China.

The left trots out this hate speech with impunity, while simultaneously calling for
civility in discourse. These paragons of socialism hide in plain sight, shielded
by a gossamer cloud of political correctness. These people are evil personified,
the enemy within; they are without a doubt the greatest threat to America’s heritage,
liberty, and sovereignty.

Misnomer of the Day

Kinetic military action = an arbitrary war; in this particular case it’s an illegal war declared by the executive branch invoking the war powers act. This unconstitutional war against Libya, is so wrong for so many reasons too numerous to mention here. Instead, ask yourself what right does a community organizer have circumventing congress and committing our resources namely, American blood and fortune to a capricious act of war predicated on altruism? This foreign policy blunder has no logical purpose and serves only to empower our enemies while endangering American lives at home and abroad.

The Anecdotal Objectivist

Misnomer of the Day

Quantitative Easing, otherwise known as monetizing the national debt, is Federal Reserve lingo for printing fiat currency and dumping it on the market through the central banking cartel. This impetuous act has only one conclusion; death by inflation. 

 Money or currency is subject to the same laws of supply and demand as all other commodities. In the afore mentioned scenario, the market is flooded with fiat money competing for tangible goods and services, too much currency demanding too few goods, raises the prices of commodities across the board. The only easing effect is the effortless way in which the government robs the wealth of its citizens through inflation, devaluing the money in your pocket as we speak.

 Remember we have already had QE I and QE II and Bernanke has said publically there will be no QE3; however, inflation is the primary role of the Federal Reserve, that and creating boom and bust cycles associated with artificial manipulation of interest rates. It wouldn’t surprise me if they change the name of this destructive practice to make it more palatable to the masses and then reintroduce it as something new, something special. Hey, how about Qualitative Easing?  And now: <a href="http://www.divshare.com/flash/audio_embed?data=YTo2OntzOjU6ImFwaUlkIjtpOjQ7czo2OiJmaWxlSWQiO2k6MTQ4ODg1MTQ7czo0OiJjb2RlIjtzOjEyOiIxNDg4ODUxNC1kMDIiO3M6NjoidXNlcklkIjtpOjE5Mzc5NzM7czoxMjoiZXh0ZXJuYWxDYWxsIjtpOjE7czo0OiJ0aW1lIjtpOjEzMDU5MDA5MTM7fQ==&autoplay=“>The Anecdotal Objectivist

Misnomer of the Day

The word Progressive, when applied to the ideology of the left, means Socialism: Marxist Socialism to be exact. The word progressive lends the impression of advancement forward with some vision for the future; this is far too kind a word to describe the left.  It is so typical of the left to adopt this word in an attempt to cloak their deeds, which happen to be less than desirable. A march toward socialism is not progress. Totalitarianism has been around since the dawn of civilization trying to resurrect socialistic disasters of historic proportion is regressive, not progressive.

 To ascribe the word progressive to define the leftist ideology is to bolster all that is putrefied; it’s like glorifying progressive malignant cancer. Hey, I have a progressive idea, let’s call them what they are (Marxist Socialists) and maybe, if we repeat this truth over and over, people will come to adopt it as true. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change? Anecdotal Objectivist

Misnomer of the Week

Predatory Capitalism is another oxymoron frequently tossed about by the talking heads of media stardom. Capitalism in governed by inherent market forces; supply and demand, acquisitions and mergers, relative product desirability, quality vs. quantity, innovation and marketing, all in an endless pursuit to capture market share. This is competitive not predatory.

 A predatory industry or entity is one that is incentivized by government intervention. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac come to mind, these government sponsored entities deemed to big to fail. Every time the government subsidizes industry they create an unfair market advantage fraught with predation. Can you say GM and GE? Consider other entities granted immunity against the anti-trust laws curtailed in the Sherman Act, and presto, you have Union Labor, or should I say Predatory Labor?

 Tipi Wind Ranch Podcast (part two) Confessions of a Neophyte Objectivist.