Misnomer of the Day

The word equality has to be the most equivocal word in the English language. It is an abstract illusion used to define a nebulous concept. Equality has never existed in any form. This is what makes it so appealing to the left; equality doesn’t exist, therefor inequality can never be remedied. This misconception insures a limitless supply of victims, thus perpetuating the progressive socialist agenda indefinitely.

The universe is everything but equal. In nature, the strongest of a species survive to propagate the heard and pass along their genes for the benefit of the species. In the human species, man too has genetic variables; these variables determine intelligence, strength, agility, and longevity. This genetic predisposition enhances some to achieve greatness, wealth, and success beyond that of ordinary individuals.

Sure, I would like to be a movie star and earn twenty million per movie, or play pro football with all of the wealth and prestige that accompany that profession, but I do not possess the physical attributes to play pro ball, perform brain surgery, or manage a multinational company; unfortunately, this is the reality that most of us face.

The Orwellian notion, that there needs to be equality of pay and equality of wealth distributed amongst all humans is a totalitarian dream that perpetuates government largess while trampling the rights of individuals.

When Tomas Jefferson penned the words (We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal) he meant, for those of us who can read and interpret plain English, that all men have the same individual and natural rights. Which means one man’s rights don’t supersede another’s, and that groups of men have no more rights than each individual that composes that group, and no man, or groupings of men, shall infringe upon the rights of his fellow man.

As long as the government fosters this deceitful notion of equality, the longer it remains purposeful to the minions of idiots who willfully employ the state as highwaymen to rob their fellow man of his liberty, dignity and wealth.


Misnomer of the Day

The most inflammatory rhetoric emanating from the Justice Department these days has
to be this farcical misnomer referred to as: Domestic Terrorists. This
dangerous accusation has no relevancy in reality; it’s like claiming infants
are a threat to our national security, because one day they will grow to
adults, think for themselves, and discover freedom and individual rights are
the precursors to man’s prosperity and happiness.

When I think of domestic, I see June Cleaver clad in an apron frosting a cake in her
kitchen, Wally and the Beaver stand by her side, jockeying for position to lick
the mixing bowl and spoon.

When I think of terrorist, I see a mob of sharia loving Islamists stoning a woman to
death for the crime of being raped by a mob of sharia loving Islamists.

Marry these two polar opposite lifestyles together, disseminate it through an
irrational corrupt main stream media, and you give liberals a license to
condemn those who love freedom and cherish the constitution, condemn veterans
who have served this nation honorably, condemn everyone who has  raised a family, worked in the marketplace, paid taxes and owns property.

Trying to pawn off the notion that domesticated Americans are capable of terrorism is
another insane accusation, in a long list of insane accusations, perpetrated by
the insane left. This hate speech has serious ramifications; it’s a sterling
example of a totalitarian state demonizing its citizens to justify the use of
force to violate their individual rights.

Domestic Terrorism is a vicious lie, perpetrated to destroy our national heritage and
rob us of liberty. This is the same hyperbolae that marched the Jews into  gas chambers in Hitler’s Germany, forced millions into the concentration camps of Stalin’s Russia, and left millions
dead in the provinces of Mao’s China.

The left trots out this hate speech with impunity, while simultaneously calling for
civility in discourse. These paragons of socialism hide in plain sight, shielded
by a gossamer cloud of political correctness. These people are evil personified,
the enemy within; they are without a doubt the greatest threat to America’s heritage,
liberty, and sovereignty.

Let’s Not Forget Iran

When contemplating war in the Middle East it is essential to identify the enemy. Before assigning American treasure and blood to attacking sovereign nations with cruise missiles, one should have good reason for declaring war. Choosing sides in a civil war is not in the best interests of the United States, nor its people. Now that the damage is done, this pragmatic administration scrambles to rationalize its illogical behavior, we are told this is a humanitarian mission to protect the citizenry (Islamic Koran waving Arabs), in Libya from dictatorial oppression. We are also reminded to the point of redundancy that Muammar Gaddafi has committed acts of terrorism in the past, and that somehow, this is payback. This indecisive act of war is so wrong, for so many reasons a deaf, blind, mute could lecture on the unforeseen consequences of this blunder.

 Let us not forget the true enemy is, and always has been Iran. While Gaddafi was committing acts of terror against Americans, Theocratic Iran was committing acts of war against the United States. If one juxtaposes the two hostiles we discover Gaddafi bombed a commercial jet liner over Lockerby Scotland killing civilians (an act of terrorism), meanwhile Iran was seizing an American embassy taking diplomat hostages (an act of war). While Gaddafi was bombing a nightclub in Berlin (an act of terrorism) Iran was bombing an army barracks in Beirut killing American soldiers (an act of war). While Libya was abandoning its nuclear ambitions, Iran was escalated theirs, vowing to use nuclear weapons on Israel and the West.

 While Libya was forsaking its terrorist ways, Iran was sponsoring terrorism around the world, and to this day supplies the opposition in Iraq and Afghanistan with intelligence and weaponry that kill American soldiers on two battle fronts (a blatant act of war against the United States). Yet, the Obama administration chooses to declare war on Libya for “humanitarian reasons”, abdicating America’s constitution and sovereignty to the whims of the United Nations.

 This is wrong (not to mention unconstitutional), for America to choose sides in a civil war, that has nothing to do with American national security or prosperity. We have no financial interest in Libya with the exception of squandering American fortune and blood.

 This is just another attempt at nation building which happens to be an American foreign policy mandate, one Obama has recently relegated to the United Nations for their disposal. This raises a serious question: with so much civil strife in the world, who is next? Why not commit American forces to the Sudan, the Congo, Serbia or Chechnya. Let us not forget, Iran commits these same human rights atrocities with impunity, killing those who oppose the theocracy.

 Iran is the enemy that threatens the world, promoting their brutal, medieval theocracy of totalitarian oppression, threatening to destroy civilization as we know it. The Obama administration continues to bury its head in the sand, unwilling to identify the true enemy in our midst while continuing its perverted social experiment, redistributing American wealth in a futile attempt to liberate a hostile, feudal society, consecrated in violent mysticism, a feudal society that demonizes freedom, individual rights and capitalism as the vices of infidels.

Leftist Hate Mongering

It’s amazing how swiftly the left, with the aid of a complacent media, has raced to politicize the tragic Arizona shooting. Driven by an ideology of political hatred for those opposed to their fallacious principles of socialist utopia, they have arbitrarily, without any rational evidence, condemned the entire conservative movement for the actions of a crazed individual.

 Let us not forget, when it comes to violence perpetrated by a political ideology the left is unsurpassed. http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/01/the_left_not_the_right_owns_po.html It is this leftist enmity that fuels the politics of hate in today’s culture. It is unconscionable the left should use this tragedy to attack those who uphold conservative values namely; personal responsibility, individual liberty, limited government, constitutional law, and capitalistic free markets, for these conservative values have made America the strongest most prosperous nation on earth, a beacon of freedom amidst a world of totalitarian oppression.

 Having keynoted several tea party rally’s over the past two years I can personally attest to the moral integrity of this conservative movement. We do not condone, hate speech of any kind, nor do we champion one political party over the other. We inform our attendees of these ground rules at the beginning of each rally, and to date we have never had to cut off the microphone on anybody. We remain a grassroots movement of peaceful, constitutional activists. We have always taken the moral high ground; it is  with integrity, and an insatiable appetite for truth, that the tea party has exploded on the political scene.

 In a free society, people of moral integrity do not employ coercion or violence to impose their will upon others. In a free society, moral individuals do their biding at the ballot box, invoking their constitutional rights, practicing their form of activism within the confines of American law. Remember, only governments have a monopoly on force.

 How far will the left go to politicize this tragedy and ramrod their agenda? Rest assured there will be an attack not only against our first and second amendment rights, but also a call for government regulation in the form of censorship for conservative talk radio and most likely the internet.

Politically Correct Psychosis

In the high profile trial of Brian David Mitchell, Elizabeth Smart gave startling testimony about how her abductor evaded capture in Salt Lake City, Utah. Apparently, a homicide detective happened across two veiled women outside a public restroom at a library. When the detective instructed Ms. Smart to drop her vale, Mitchell intervened rebuking the officer on the grounds of religious freedom.

 Mitchell had hidden his hostage’s identity behind a veil of cloth, which enabled him to parade her in plain sight. The officer, obviously intimidated by political correctness, let Mitchell and his accomplice leave unmolested with Elizabeth Smart their captive. It’s troubling how a dangerous criminal can evoke religious freedom and abscond from justice in this country. This example is particularly disturbing considering Mitchell’s convoluted idea that religion involves kidnapping, rape, and torture, basically the utter destruction of someone else’s individual rights. Mitchell’s perverse religious ideology shares a common theme predominant in all religion; that is mysticism is superior to reason.

 Like the police officer who abandoned reason and logic, subjugating his mind to the superiority of a criminal’s mysticism. The cultural elitist of our country have elevated mysticism over the superiority of mans mind. They bludgeon our intellect with the politically correct doctrine of tolerance. Tolerance we are instructed is the moral ideal of our time. Tolerance commands we abort reason for we dare not identify the evil amongst us. It commands we suspend all judgment and refrain from conceptualizing right from wrong, for a belief in mysticism, no matter how illogical, corrupt, or vile, takes precedence over mans rational mind.

 One should be reminded of the war of civilizations being waged against us and the world by the radical nation of Islam. Time and time again the politically correct remind us that denouncing a religion that enslaves women and children which negates mans rights while simultaneously putting all non-conformist to death is not in our best interest.

 Nowhere is this irrational mindset more prevalent than on the battle fields of the Middle East. The politically correct have perverted democracy to enhance Islamic totalitarianism. There the word freedom is used synonymously with jihad. Murder and oppression are elevated to a virtue in the name of religion, in the name of mysticism.

 Here in the free world people who harbor fugitives are brought to trial and punished. If you are cognizant of a murder and don’t report it, you may stand trial for conspiracy. Should you give a murderer safe harbor you are guilty of aiding and abetting. However, on the battle fields of Afghanistan aiding and abetting go unpunished. Civilians provide safe harbor for our enemies with impunity. Over there you can bear arms against American forces one minute, then drop your gun and walk away a civilian the next. And should one loose their life while aiding and abetting the enemy they are considered civilian casualties of war, victims in the eyes of the world. Over there the enemy is free use their mosques to stock pile weapons and perpetrate acts of terror with impunity, all in the name of religious zealotry, all in the name of mysticism.

 It should be noted that a benevolent religion doesn’t kill those opposed to their brand of mysticism. A benevolent religion is one that promotes the individual rights of man. A benevolent religion doesn’t enslave mans mind, or claim self sacrifice as a moral ideal.

 Whether it is a church of one, as is in Brain David Mitchell’s case or a congregation of millions. Any form of mysticism that negates mans rights, negates mans rational mind, and elevates the promise of sacrifice and death as virtuous is no religion. It is nothing more than a cult of death, and takes no precedence over man’s intellect.

Reality Transcends Racism

I am tired of the same old shibboleths coming from the left, calling anyone who opposes them a racist or a bigot; they too often rush to judgment branding all opposition as hate speech.

 If one employs reason and logic to deduce a fact, a common truth, based on reality, and expresses that observation in speech or writing, that is neither racism, nor hate speech.

 For example: This administration is pursuing a failed foreign policy in Afghanistan and Iraq. You can’t conduct a war or a battle with rules of engagement that call for self sacrifice; you can’t win a war without first identifying the enemy. This is not an opinion. This is a fact, founded on historical precedence. Now the president just happens to be a black man. This is not a racist statement, this is an observable fact.

 Here is another example: Phoenix is burdened by a population of illegal aliens who have crossed the Mexican border. Phoenix has the highest rate of kidnapping of any city in America, which is directly related to the human smuggling and drug trafficking of these nefarious illegal aliens. This is a well documented fact. It is neither racist nor bigoted to point out the truth.

 Reality exists; it is the universe that surrounds us every day. Reality is what it is at any given moment. It cannot by nature be racist, bigoted or hateful these are human attributes.

 For example: Any time government officials (politicians) legislate policy or law that elevates people with money and services based on their race or gender, they automatically discriminate against all those who don’t share those same attributes. The causality of this human endeavor is racial prejudice. Any time the government legislates privilege and gives money to the NAACP or the Affirmative Action Coalition, they instigate divisive government sponsored racism in America.

 This is an observable fact; just because I pointed it out, doesn’t make me a racist or a bigot, and to call me such would be an unfounded fallacious opinion, which amounts to nothing more than capricious subjectivism on the part of the accuser.

 Here is another example: The NAACP stated publicly that racist factions reside in the Tea Party. They based this opinion on a video—possibly orchestrated—of one person holding an offensive sign at a rally. Now, if one or two individuals did something morally repugnant those individuals should be held accountable for their actions, but for the NAACP to publically denounce the entire Tea Party movement as containing racist elements is a presumptuous opinion unfounded in reality, which amounts to nothing more than irrational subjectivism.

 Another fallacious opinion held by many is since the President is a black man; anyone who disagrees with his policies is a racist. This is a baseless accusation unfounded in reality. It is a bigoted opinion.

 All men are created equal. Dr Martin Luther King lost his life defending this principle. Our forefathers wrote it into our constitution; it is one of the desirable attributes that makes this country great.

 Now, if you think that you are somehow superior because of your ethnicity or gender. If you demand entitlements to the earned wealth of another mans labor, if you think you can subjugate the individual rights of your fellow man, to provide for your wonton desire based on your race, you are a racist.

It is immoral to infringe upon the individual rights of another human being. This is an observable truth, a gilt free observation that has no racial implication what so ever.

Opportunity Comes Knocking

There is no mistaking; this government is run by special interest. Until now it has been the politically connected, organized labor, and collectivist entities (thanks to Mccain Feingold) that have been allowed to pour financing into the election process, an election process that perpetuates their power base with tax breaks, subsidies, and lucrative federal contracts. But no more, it’s time to rectify the lopsided partisan flow of special interest money that fills the bureaucratic coffers in Washington.

 The defeat of McCain-Feingold is a constitutional shot in the arm, an inoculation against bias legislation that favors special interest in the political arena. Those most threatened by this first amendment victory decry: “This will open the flood gates to special interest.” DUH! This is exactly the point; to create competition in the lopsided political arena were political pull and favoritism protects the mediocre and the politically connected. For over a century the largesse of government has been sucking the life blood out of the business man, the entrepreneur, the industrialist, these creative individuals whom we owe our jobs our prosperity and our high standard of living.

 The time has come to stop the grift and end political protectionism in Washington. Big government is a malignancy, and capitalism is the cure. Capitalism is the panacea that can stop the flood of industry from leaving our shores; capitalism is the only means of true sustainable job creation, the only way to grow wealth, ensure property ownership, and advance freedom.

 This first amendment victory —handed down from the Supreme Court —is an opportunity for business and industry to pool their fiscal resources and support a pro capitalism candidate. Business consortiums must avoid the trap of special interest that has lead them to ruin; they must not pander for government contracts, privileges or subsidies; they must forsake the notion that government grants privileges to conduct business. It’s time to demand the right to conduct business as free men without government coercion.

 The moral goal of campaign finance should seek legislation that will liberate all business and industry from the oppressive yoke of antitrust. Repeal the antiquated Sherman Act which entitles a parasitic government to attack and bleed the successful producers in society. The economic prosperity of our nation and our freedom as a people depends not on government regulation of industry, with its antitrust and oppressive taxation, but on a free market economy that champions productivity, innovation, and competition. Free these entrepreneurs of business, these geniuses of industry and technology. Cast off their chains, so they can grow this economy once more. Let capitalism restore that which government has stolen and destroyed. Let these champions of industry reinvent our economic power, to carry the beacon of prosperity and freedom so that once again America can lead the world by example.