Misnomer of the Day

The word fair or fairness or most fair is at best subjectively ambiguous. It is custom tailored for the moral relativists in our midst. Of lately, this malleable word is used as a ploy, providing cannon fodder for the left’s mission of disseminating class warfare.

Ask any misguided altruist to explain, how is it moral to confiscate the private property (wealth) of one man then surrender it to another. Chances are the word fair will creep into their specious rationalization. Our illustrious president used the word 14 times in a campaign speech at a high school recently, appealing to that level of maturity characteristic of public school indoctrination.

Advocating fairness, which in this context happens to be immoral (sacrificing one’s individual rights while expanding the power of the state) is this president’s moral failing, consecrated in a political ideology of socialism, one which boarders on insanity, repeating the same socialistic failures over and over while anticipating a different outcome.

If his argument had any merit, he wouldn’t have to repeat the word fair fourteen times; apparently he’s banking on the age old axiom: If one repeats a falsehood over and over, others will come to believe it as true.


Misnomer of the Day

The word equality has to be the most equivocal word in the English language. It is an abstract illusion used to define a nebulous concept. Equality has never existed in any form. This is what makes it so appealing to the left; equality doesn’t exist, therefor inequality can never be remedied. This misconception insures a limitless supply of victims, thus perpetuating the progressive socialist agenda indefinitely.

The universe is everything but equal. In nature, the strongest of a species survive to propagate the heard and pass along their genes for the benefit of the species. In the human species, man too has genetic variables; these variables determine intelligence, strength, agility, and longevity. This genetic predisposition enhances some to achieve greatness, wealth, and success beyond that of ordinary individuals.

Sure, I would like to be a movie star and earn twenty million per movie, or play pro football with all of the wealth and prestige that accompany that profession, but I do not possess the physical attributes to play pro ball, perform brain surgery, or manage a multinational company; unfortunately, this is the reality that most of us face.

The Orwellian notion, that there needs to be equality of pay and equality of wealth distributed amongst all humans is a totalitarian dream that perpetuates government largess while trampling the rights of individuals.

When Tomas Jefferson penned the words (We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal) he meant, for those of us who can read and interpret plain English, that all men have the same individual and natural rights. Which means one man’s rights don’t supersede another’s, and that groups of men have no more rights than each individual that composes that group, and no man, or groupings of men, shall infringe upon the rights of his fellow man.

As long as the government fosters this deceitful notion of equality, the longer it remains purposeful to the minions of idiots who willfully employ the state as highwaymen to rob their fellow man of his liberty, dignity and wealth.

Misnomer of the Day

 Jobless recovery actually means no recovery at all. It’s a liberal cliché which means wishful thinking perpetrated by a desperate government clutching an irrational impossibility. Immaculate Conception stands a better chance of coming to fruition than a jobless recovery. I heard a sound bite from Christina Romer spouting off at Berkleyabout an economic recovery that is both jobless and growth less, which of course makes her clueless. Is it any wonder she was appointed by Obama as an economic adviser? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU_9pUljKEk

 Job creation is directly related to production in the private sector. Production equals wealth creation, herein lays the key to economic recovery. Remember, government doesn’t create anything except bureaucracy. Government doesn’t create wealth; it squanders it, misallocating resources from the private sector, redistributing them to the public sector.

 These Keynesian dunderheads continue to pursue a policy of flooding the market with fiat currency in the failed hope of bolstering the economy without the actuation of job or wealth creation. This is the aberration they call a jobless recovery. Go figure.              The Anecdotal Objectivist

Misnomer of the Week

Crony Capitalism: this little gem of a misnomer is designed to beguile the most impressionable amongst us. Literal Translation = malfeasance and Corruption.  

 It’s amazing how all economic government failures are blamed on Capitalism. Truth is capitalism, laisser-faire capitalism, has never existed in the history of theUnited States. What we have is a bastardized mixed economy where lobbyists bribe politicians with campaign contributions, kick backs, low interest real-estate loans ect. In return, the government picks industry winners and then showers them with favors like no compete contracts, tax exemptions, favorable regulations, and monopolistic privileges, all of which have absolutely nothing to do with capitalism. 

 Tip Wind Ranch Pod Cast: Confessions of a neophyte objectivist Part One.

Where are the Arabs?

Where are the Arabs, these so called rebels, who are fighting for freedom in Libya? It has been days since American forces bombed Libyan air defenses establishing a no fly zone. So where are these rebels, and why aren’t they fighting Gaddafi loyalists to retake the ground previously lost in battle? Who are these rebels and what faction of Islam do they represent?

 According to the CIA, the rebel opposition in Libya is mujahideen and El-Qaeda, the same ragtag Islamic ideologues and terrorist who support the Jihad and fought the soviets in Afghanistan back in the 1980s. Back then, the American government armed the rebels with weapons and intelligence, and after the soviets abandoned Afghanistan, the same rebels turned the weapons on each other in feudal civil war. Later, many of these armaments were turned against the west in numerous acts of aggression and terror.

 If we have learned anything: Arab Muslims can’t be trusted. Take the Arab League of Nations for example; they implored the international community, United Nations, and the United States to implement a no fly zone over Libya, then, once the bombs started dropping, they rushed to condemn the Unites States for attacking the Libyan military with air strikes. Where are these Arabs? Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, these countries have militaries and should be leading the charge in Libya.

 It seems these shiftless Arabs are waiting for an Iraqi solution, one where the United States bound by a foreign policy predicated on (Just War Theory), do all the heavy lifting, capturing or killing Gaddafi, paving the way for the next Islamic totalitarian theocracy to be ushered into power under the hoax of democracy. Maybe, if the war is protracted enough, Obama can rebuild the power grid and infrastructure of Libya, redistributing more of America’s wealth and blood in the process. We all know how the Obama administration hates to squander a good crisis.

The Referendum Against Pragmatism

November 2nd has been touted as a referendum against President Obama, the democratic congress, and senate. Peel the onion back a little more and one will discover the true referendum was against pragmatism. It is pragmatic deceit perpetrated by a ruling class of liberals that Americans oppose; it is pragmatism with its antithetical view of reality, and associated consequences, that Americans fear as dangerous.

 Most Americans find moral guidance through religious doctrine, yet many remain philosophically bereft. They know something is dreadfully wrong in Washington, but they struggle to diagnose the political maelstrom that afflicts this nation.

 Consider this example of pragmatism; upon leaving her position as house speaker, Nancy (we have to first pass the bill to find out what’s in it) Pelosi, touted her liberal accomplishments as meritorious: passage of Obama Care, Don’t ask Don’t tell, and the ratification of START, all of which are fraught with hazard and opposed by a majority of Americans who are already straddled with insurmountable government debt, and 9.8% unemployment. But to a pragmatic Pelosi, her unpopular accomplishments moved this nation one step closer to the liberal goal of socialist utopia.

 Pragmatism with its essential tools: prudence, practicality, and political expediency, is immoral; it leads to capricious subjectivism. Show me any individual who lacks philosophical moral guidance, and I will show you a pragmatist; someone who believes reality is malleable and subject to their whimsical logic. For example, one may rob a liquor store at gunpoint. For the gunman, the practical thing to do is kill the clerk, rather than have that person pick them out of a police line up at a later date. In reality, one human being has killed another because it was the prudent thing to do at the time; the causality is someone has lost a loved one to violence, and the ramifications of this act will impact many lives indefinitely.

 Here is another illustration. A financial planner seeking wealth, power and lifestyle, devises a Ponzi scheme to swindle clients and acquaintances. It is both prudent and expedient for them to amass as much wealth as possible, stash it off shore, live lavishly in the moment, and should they get caught, do the time and emerge from prison a millionaire. In reality they have stolen fortune from businesses and families, leaving some bankrupt and destitute, leaving others to contemplate suicide, and the causation of this pragmatic act, cascades forward for generations.

 In the political realm, pragmatism is much more pernicious. Pragmatic politicians have buried our nation with insurmountable debt, brought economic destruction on the private sector, demolished our foreign policy and replaced liberty with socialist tyranny. They create class warfare and institutionalize divisive racism.  They lavish, favor on one special interest group while looting another, placing political expediency over objective reality. The moral implications of political pragmatism are the tangible lost of our republic and civilization as we know it.

Reality Transcends Racism

I am tired of the same old shibboleths coming from the left, calling anyone who opposes them a racist or a bigot; they too often rush to judgment branding all opposition as hate speech.

 If one employs reason and logic to deduce a fact, a common truth, based on reality, and expresses that observation in speech or writing, that is neither racism, nor hate speech.

 For example: This administration is pursuing a failed foreign policy in Afghanistan and Iraq. You can’t conduct a war or a battle with rules of engagement that call for self sacrifice; you can’t win a war without first identifying the enemy. This is not an opinion. This is a fact, founded on historical precedence. Now the president just happens to be a black man. This is not a racist statement, this is an observable fact.

 Here is another example: Phoenix is burdened by a population of illegal aliens who have crossed the Mexican border. Phoenix has the highest rate of kidnapping of any city in America, which is directly related to the human smuggling and drug trafficking of these nefarious illegal aliens. This is a well documented fact. It is neither racist nor bigoted to point out the truth.

 Reality exists; it is the universe that surrounds us every day. Reality is what it is at any given moment. It cannot by nature be racist, bigoted or hateful these are human attributes.

 For example: Any time government officials (politicians) legislate policy or law that elevates people with money and services based on their race or gender, they automatically discriminate against all those who don’t share those same attributes. The causality of this human endeavor is racial prejudice. Any time the government legislates privilege and gives money to the NAACP or the Affirmative Action Coalition, they instigate divisive government sponsored racism in America.

 This is an observable fact; just because I pointed it out, doesn’t make me a racist or a bigot, and to call me such would be an unfounded fallacious opinion, which amounts to nothing more than capricious subjectivism on the part of the accuser.

 Here is another example: The NAACP stated publicly that racist factions reside in the Tea Party. They based this opinion on a video—possibly orchestrated—of one person holding an offensive sign at a rally. Now, if one or two individuals did something morally repugnant those individuals should be held accountable for their actions, but for the NAACP to publically denounce the entire Tea Party movement as containing racist elements is a presumptuous opinion unfounded in reality, which amounts to nothing more than irrational subjectivism.

 Another fallacious opinion held by many is since the President is a black man; anyone who disagrees with his policies is a racist. This is a baseless accusation unfounded in reality. It is a bigoted opinion.

 All men are created equal. Dr Martin Luther King lost his life defending this principle. Our forefathers wrote it into our constitution; it is one of the desirable attributes that makes this country great.

 Now, if you think that you are somehow superior because of your ethnicity or gender. If you demand entitlements to the earned wealth of another mans labor, if you think you can subjugate the individual rights of your fellow man, to provide for your wonton desire based on your race, you are a racist.

It is immoral to infringe upon the individual rights of another human being. This is an observable truth, a gilt free observation that has no racial implication what so ever.