Misnomer of the Day

With so much brew-ha-ha over the debt ceiling negotiations, the most trotted out misnomer is: Compromise, which actually means Capitulation for all those opposed to the leftist politicians.

 They want the republicans and the tea-party to capitulate to their wonton fiscal desires’ of endless cash for every government discrepancy they deem relevant. They pout bitterly as they trod out their “Compromise” bromide again and again, trying to convince the unwitting amongst us that 2.5 trillion dollars is a trifle, and they can solve all our fiscal woes if they just had more of the taxpayers dollars. They have employed intimidation, threats, and fear mongering to get their way and when those devises failed they point at the conservatives and wail, “Compromise”. Remember, one can’t compromise with evil; one can’t compromise with what is morally corrupt. Compromise means swallowing the poison incrementally; the inevitable outcome of this practice is still death.

 These paragons of pragmatism want cash. 2.5 TRILLION, and they want it now, damn the national debt, damn the failure of Keynesian economics, damn those who oppose them as they bankrupt the nation while lining their pockets with loot. They need this money to once again pay off their constituencies buying votes with someone else’s wealth so they can stay in power for yet another election cycle, because government power is legalized corruption, enslaving the private sector, while plundering the masses.

 These Marxists Socialists are addicted to taxpayer’s money. They remind me of a junkie, pleading with god, promising to go straight and amend their ways if god would grant them just one more fix. Problem is; this fix costs 2.5 trillion, and these leftists are far more dangerous than junkies. But the cure is all the same: Cold Turkey.  Pod Cast <a href="http://www.divshare.com/flash/audio_embed?data=YTo2OntzOjU6ImFwaUlkIjtpOjQ7czo2OiJmaWxlSWQiO2k6MTU0MzQ5MTg7czo0OiJjb2RlIjtzOjEyOiIxNTQzNDkxOC1mMGEiO3M6NjoidXNlcklkIjtpOjE5Mzc5NzM7czoxMjoiZXh0ZXJuYWxDYWxsIjtpOjE7czo0OiJ0aW1lIjtpOjEzMTIzNzYyNjU7fQ==&autoplay=“>Anecdotal Objectivist


Ousting the Neocons

The neoconservatives have been forced from the shadows to throw their hats in the political arena. This is something these clandestine kingmakers have been reluctant to do for decades and rightly so; they have controlled the Republican Party under the miasma of moderation, selling out the conservative voices of Americans: but no longer.

 The conservative movement that is sweeping this country is taking back the Republican Party and these neocons are raising their heads to cry foul. Last week Charles Krauthammer the neoconservative prophet decried the CPAC as “Fringe elements in the republican party.” He stated, and I paraphrase here, The CPAC is a bunch of college student who what to be Ayn Rand, then eventually grow up to become republicans.

 Then there is the prodigal son, Bill Crystal whose father Erving pioneered the neoconservative movement based on the philosophical musings of Leo Strauss, with a smattering of Machiavellian politics. Bill said of the Egyptian uprising, and I paraphrase here, it is 1776 all over again.

 He dismisses America’s failed foreign policy in the Middle East, comparing the anarchy of the mob with the American Revolution which created the freest most prosperous nation in history. He and his cohorts from the Bush administration are responsible for empowering the Islamic theocracy sweeping the Middle East. They took radical Islam out of the back streets and alley ways, and placed them in political driver’s seat in Iraq and soon to be Egypt. Not to worry, they say, this is democracy at work, this is freedom. No… . This is a process that empowers our enemies and threatens civilization as we know it.

 Poor Harry Reid can’t figure it out either. He said, and I paraphrase here, the Republican Party has been hijacked by the Tea Party and won’t compromise. What he should have said is: “The conservatives have taken back the Republican Party and we can no longer manipulate the neocons.”

 You will hear the media in the coming months refer to a rift in the Republican Party. That’s just us, the “Fringe elements” in the Republican Party reshaping it in our conservative image as we strive to save our country from the economic abyss, while restoring fiscal sanity, our liberty and constitution.

Labor Extortion in a Socialist Democracy

The ongoing labor protest in Wisconsin has the backing from the Democratic National Convention and President Obama’s political machine, Organizing for America. This is an unprecedented move by an American president, and his political party, to support a partisan special interest group.

 Unions are collectivized labor monopolies. They are exempt from the Sherman Act and the anti- monopoly laws of our nation. For decades they have lived large off the taxpayer’s dime; endowed with Cadillac insurance plans (exempted under Obama care), golden parachute pension with early retirement benefits (apart from social security), and salaries that far surpasses their private sector counterparts. They have accomplished this with the blessing of the Democratic Party, whom they support with union dollars to keep them in political power, essentially paying the democrats to legislate union largess at the taxpayer’s expense.

 In Wisconsin we see two coercive government-created, government-sponsored monopolies working in unison: the Teachers Union and the public school system, which has an abysmal record of failure, and a questionable future that defies fiscal sustainability.

 The talking heads of liberalism brand this political malfeasance as democracy in action. I beg to differ; this is anarchy in action. The democratic process was instituted last November legally at the ballot box, when the majority of Wisconsin people voted in republican conservatives to restore fiscal order to their state. The DNC endorsed mob on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin represents only a fraction of the taxpaying public; they are by no means a voting majority.

 If anything this labor unrest represents socialism. Here we have a collectivized labor monopoly, demanding fiscal privileges from the state, which in turn extorts money (taxes), from the private sector. We have Obama’s political machine enabling a special interest group that constitutes a large part of his voting constituency, and we have the perpetuation of an oppressive government monopoly (state run public schools).

 The bottom line is we have two unsustainable monopolies that are no longer economically feasible to maintain: the teachers union, which like all labor monopolies are bankrupting individual states to the tune of billions of dollars and the public school system, which not only is the most expensive in the world, but produces students who rank 36th in the world when compared with other nations.

 The governor and the people of Wisconsin are presented with a unique opportunity. They can start a national template for legally dismantling these oppressive labor monopolies. They should immediately eliminate the public school tax burden at the state level, so parents could take the fiscal savings and make financial plans to send their children to private schools. This would be a template disbanding the public school monopoly (another catalyst that would sweep across America).

 The democratic socialists (Obama administration), has played its hand in an attempt to maintain the status quo. This only facilitates the conservative movement sweeping across the nation, galvanizing our resolve to restore fiscal sanity to our constitutional republic.

 Some time ago the hypothetical question was raised in the media: “Is President Obama a socialist?” There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind; Obama’s actions speak louder than words.

Leftist Hate Mongering

It’s amazing how swiftly the left, with the aid of a complacent media, has raced to politicize the tragic Arizona shooting. Driven by an ideology of political hatred for those opposed to their fallacious principles of socialist utopia, they have arbitrarily, without any rational evidence, condemned the entire conservative movement for the actions of a crazed individual.

 Let us not forget, when it comes to violence perpetrated by a political ideology the left is unsurpassed. http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/01/the_left_not_the_right_owns_po.html It is this leftist enmity that fuels the politics of hate in today’s culture. It is unconscionable the left should use this tragedy to attack those who uphold conservative values namely; personal responsibility, individual liberty, limited government, constitutional law, and capitalistic free markets, for these conservative values have made America the strongest most prosperous nation on earth, a beacon of freedom amidst a world of totalitarian oppression.

 Having keynoted several tea party rally’s over the past two years I can personally attest to the moral integrity of this conservative movement. We do not condone, hate speech of any kind, nor do we champion one political party over the other. We inform our attendees of these ground rules at the beginning of each rally, and to date we have never had to cut off the microphone on anybody. We remain a grassroots movement of peaceful, constitutional activists. We have always taken the moral high ground; it is  with integrity, and an insatiable appetite for truth, that the tea party has exploded on the political scene.

 In a free society, people of moral integrity do not employ coercion or violence to impose their will upon others. In a free society, moral individuals do their biding at the ballot box, invoking their constitutional rights, practicing their form of activism within the confines of American law. Remember, only governments have a monopoly on force.

 How far will the left go to politicize this tragedy and ramrod their agenda? Rest assured there will be an attack not only against our first and second amendment rights, but also a call for government regulation in the form of censorship for conservative talk radio and most likely the internet.

Tea Party Preview

One year ago, on a blusterous April day, we met as strangers who shared a common bond; we were angry, we were dismayed, we were disillusioned with what our government had become. We saw the failure of government policy, both foreign and domestic, the failure of elected officials to defend our constitution, the failure of those so entrusted to protect our liberty. What we witnessed was the socialistic take over of our country by a rapacious government.

It was one year ago today we joined the ranks of this national populist movement known as the tea party. We were forced together by an era of political ineptitude; we were forced together by an era of unsustainable entitlement spending, unsustainable taxes and national debt. The tea party patriots were spawned by the antipathy toward the political corruption and grift in Washington D.C. We are the causality of the political failure of the two party system in America.

 Last year when we started the tea party movement we came under immediate attack by the lame steam media, the politicians, and their lap dogs of public opinion. It seems we are the working class the left loves to subjugate, and tax, yet morally despises. The Bob Beckels and Allan Combs of the world shouted: “They are not a grass roots movement.” They swore up and down we were a political  fad, funded by the Republican Party, and would amount to nothing more than an flash in the pan. (Pause)

 (I’m here to tell you, there is nothing more gratifying than watching a bunch of liberals eat crow!) By now there should be no question in anyone’s mind who and what this tea  party movement stands for. Only a moron, or the politically connected, or the politically afraid, can deny the power of this grass roots movement. Only a slick talking lawyer, a pathological-lying-pragmatist politician would attempt to deny the power of this tea party movement. (Pause) Well they can deny all they want, right up to the point come this November when they feel the toe of our boots kicking their incumbent asses out of office, which is exactly what we are going to do!

 Over this last year while the left clings to their trite slogans, hate speech, and gutter politics, we have educated ourselves. We have studied the constitution, we have studied economics, we have studied foreign policy and political philosophy and now we are ready to lead this country by electing officials who once again represent the people of the United States. Representatives, who we will hold accountable for shrink the size and scope of government, representatives, who will decrease taxes, and lead us back to economic prosperity, representatives, who will restore constitutional law, restore our sovereignty so we may once again lead the world as a beacon of freedom!

 Over the past year we have successfully changed the course of politics in America. This is the first time in fifty years the Democrats have owned the house, owned the senate, and the white house. And thanks to the tea party movement they have been successfully marginalized. To the casual observer, what’s obvious is our unprecedented letter writing and advertizing campaign. We have turned out in record numbers demonstrating in force at the town hall meetings from coast to coast. We have continued to hold these politicians to the political flame and it is working.

 Over the past year we have turned the election process upside down by crossing state lines to upset historic democratic seats and elect a number of conservative politicians, the most notable being Scott Brown of Massachusetts. Scott, I hope you’re listening. We the people who gave you the election will hold your feet to the political flame same as the rest, should you falter on your conservative pledge, should you become complacent, with a business as usual attitude, and pander to special interest, we will cast you out along with the rest of the incumbents. Consider this a tea party pledge.

 Over this last year we have fought ferociously against the government take over of health care. All while the political pundits on the left claimed once again, that we were not a grass roots movement. They claimed we were funded by the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, and once again we proved them wrong. (Do you think they are developing a taste for crow by now?)

 Over the past year we have witnessed the conspicuous victories of the tea party movement. But what’s more important are those things the tea party movement has accomplished that aren’t obvious to the casual observer. For example, we have the democratic politicians running scared, many of whom have chosen not to seek reelection, the most recent being Bart Stupak of Michigan. Like rats jumping off a sinking ship they flee, and rather than subject themselves to the political blood bath come November, they have chosen to resign in an effort to save face. They are political cowards who threw themselves on the ideological spear when they voted for this abominable health care bill. They have committed political suicide, and now they shall pay the price for supporting ideology over the will of the people. Another inconspicuous fact is a recent Rasmussen pole which states 62% of mainstream Americans say the tea party movement represents their views. This ladies and gentlemen represents a voting majority.

 Another tea party victory is the causality of investigative journalism; we have turned over every rock in Washington, there is no political sanctuary left for the malfeasance of government to hide. We have exposed the magnitude of political corruption in Washington, and in so doing, have thrown it in the face of the American people, many of whom now show buyers remorse having voted for Obama.

 As of lately, the left with it’s media allies have claimed, the tea party movement doesn’t know which direction to head, they say we lack leadership, They claim our mission is not clearly defined. They embarked on this diatribe of misinformation and disinformation to once again marginalize our impact. And once again they have failed. Since our inception as a grass roots political movement we have stated our mission quite clearly. We stand for fiscally responsible government; we stand to uphold our constitution. We stand for freedom! Our course is steadfast. We will not falter. We will not cave to special interest. We will not be subjected by socialism or totalitarianism of any form. We will not be subjugated by despotic rule. Like our fathers, and their fathers before them, we are free men. We are Americans!

 And now after a year of partisan attacks against us, attacks that have failed at every juncture. The progressive left is running scared. There are no rocks left unturned for them to hide under. So now in an act of desperation they attack us with pure vitriol, calling us vindictive names, claiming we are racists and dangerous radicals. They have attempted in vein to draw us into racial conflict so their media lackeys can portray us to the world in an unfavorable light. But we are far too old and far too wise to engage in a power struggle with the irrational progressive left. We have taken the moral high ground in every debate; we have politely listened to all dissent from the opposition and conducted ourselves courteously with moral restraint and professionalism. We will continue to invoke reason and logic to defeat the irrational pragmatism that has seized our nation, and we will continue to do so until these egregious government policies are defeated!

 So today we stand united. Empowered against a common foe; we march towards our destiny in November. Between now and then our most pressing issue is: do we recast the Republican Party in our conservative image, or do we elect an independent third party candidate to halt the corruption that has characteristically defined the two party system a system that has lead our nation down this path of ruin? The republicans fear a third party candidate could cost them future elections, and insure democratic victory. This threat is real. However, we have demonstrated our ability to marginalize the most powerful liberal machine in fifty years. And the timing for tea party candidates to emerge my never be better. Having said that, if the republicans want our support they need to offer conservative candidates that demonstrate a solid resolve to return to their traditional conservative roots. We will no longer support any republican masquerading as a moderate. Remember it was the moderate neocons that delivered us George Bush and his form of crony capitalism. We will no longer tread that same path. Whichever way this tea party movement chooses to proceed, one thing is certain, any candidate that appeals to our values, and captures our votes will be held to a higher standard, we will hold his, or her feet to the political fire same as the rest. It will no longer be business as usual in Washington. This is our tea party mandate.

Small Victories

Congratulations are in order for the populous movement that put Scott Brown in the senate; this is the same populous movement that put a black man in the white house last year, the same movement that will remove both if they do not heed the populous call of the people to abandon the path of socialism and once again defend the constitution and the individual rights of free men.

 This is much more than a victory for Scott Brown; he just happened to be in the right place at the right time to ride the wave of social unrest in this country. By now, all politicians should understand this same populous movement is about to change the composition of this government. We can and will command this government through the election process to serve the peoples agenda once more; for we are a waking giant and this is but a yawn, wait until we stretch and flex our muscles.

 This is a victory over the progressive movement, which abandoned reason in favor of subjectivism, rationalism, and pragmatism. This is a victory over the irrational intelligentsia that has dominated academia for the last century poisoning the minds of those they were entrusted to teach. This is a victory over the political elite, the entitled few who actually thought they could quash the fortune and the will of the American people, by leading them down the path of socialist ruin.

 This is a victory against irrational Keynesian economics that states government must spend its way out of a recession. This is a victory against a pragmatic foreign policy insistent on closing Gitmo, a foreign policy that ascribes to the doctrine of Just War theory, a foreign policy that wages an unwinnable war of sacrifice in the Middle East. This is a victory against socialized medicine, which has been an oppressive failure wherever adopted. This is a victory against an altruistic environmental movement that demands national sacrifice and wealth redistribution, destroying our standard of living while simultaneously impoverishing our children for generations, all to bolster their fallacious argument of man made climate change. This is a victory against a tyrannical government which assumes it knows how to spend the people’s money better than the people themselves. This is a victory against special interest in favor of free market capitalism, a victory against government subjugation of business and industry, a victory against government control of our fortune and lives.

 This is a victory for the Tea Party Patriots, the 9 12 organization, and every American who spoke out at town hall meetings, and called their congressmen to demand fiscal responsibility and free market alternatives to government run health care. This is a victory for every American who spoke with their neighbors to concur that American government has gone astray, and the progressive trend of socialist democracy must end. Above all this is a victory for a proper philosophic doctrine, one founded on reason and logic, one governed by the metaphysical nature of reality. This is a victory of the mind, a mind bound by reason that comprehends reality in practice and application.

Independence Day Tea Party Patriot Speach

Ladies and gentlemen, at this critical juncture in the history of America, I cannot think of a more appropriate time to be celebrating Independence Day.


 We have gathered here today to celebrate the fourth of July. We have gathered to remember the declaration of independence and celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of more guns and ammo?

 I ask myself, how long can freedom endure? How long can we as a people endure the degradation of our independence?

 How can we gather to celebrate this joyous holiday when this rapacious government attacks our liberty, attacks our independence, and makes a mockery of our constitution?

 This holiday commemorating our freedom is rapidly becoming obsolete. Patrick Henry in 1775 said: “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Guess which one this administration is giving us? Let me give you a clue; it isn’t liberty.

 When this administration attacks individualism, and usurps power growing government to 46% of the gross domestic product in an attempt to bring us into their ideology of a one world order, this spells socialism and the death of freedom as we know it.

 Throughout history all civilizations that have adopted socialism dissolved into totalitarianism with despotic rule; Statism, collectivism, socialism, communism, are all synonymous with totalitarianism. They can change the nomenclature all they want, but we understand the nature of this deception, we understand the nature of the beast.

 Ladies and gentlemen, here in this country we cherish FREEDOM! 

 I have news for you. We didn’t win the cold war; these Icons of communism just changed the name to Democratic Socialism. The Icons of collectivism that govern this country truly believe socialism can exist without totalitarianism, and they are willing to sacrifice our freedom with their experiment of social engineering.

To tell you the truth, I miss the cold war. Remember the duck and cover drills we routinely practiced in school? As a child I often wondered how crouching down under a desk would save me from thermo-nuclear incineration. Fortunately, the threat of nuclear war was just that: a threat.

 What I truly miss about the cold war was the heightened awareness of the evils inherent in socialism, the heightened awareness about the spread of communism and totalitarian regimes that threatened the free world.

 In two decades the American people have become amnesic, having forgotten the evil tenet that socialism always delivers a despot and totalitarianism will prevail after the destruction of freedom.

 It has been two decades since the fall of communism, and we have been saddled with an administration, that in less than six months has nationalized banks, taken over controlling interest of AIG, the largest insurance company in the nation, nationalized two of the big three auto companies, taken over Fanny and Freddy and now owns more than half the mortgages in the nation. This administration is currently trying to pass cap and trade legislation on carbon emissions.  This will give the government control over the energy markets, while simultaneously enacting the single largest tax in history; a tax passed on to all consumers of energy. This administration has accumulated trillions of dollars in debt, and has printed trillions of dollars of fiat money to monetize that debt. This will lead to hyperinflation; better know as the hidden tax. This administration is now poised to nationalize health care and place another 15% of our gross domestic product under government control.  Can somebody please tell me: where is the freedom in this?

 Isn’t this the same socialist empire that threatened our national security, threatened our constitution and individual rights, during the cold war?  Isn’t this the same socialist empire that spilled the blood of our enlisted men and women in Viet Nam, Korea, and multiple other confrontations around the world?  The cold war wasn’t won; at best it was a Cadmean victory.  They merely changed the name of communism to “Socialized Democracy,” To make it more palatable to the masses while they sacrifice our freedom to conduct this sick experiment of social engineering. This administration in its lust for power and government control is collectivizing us at a rapid pace delivering us the poison feast of socialism, while the government dines on the carcass of freedom.

 So now, let us celebrate this holiday founded on liberty for all men, before the politically correct change the name of the Fourth of July to “The Fireworks Holiday,” for fear our liberty might be construed as offensive to some people.

 The day people become offended by our freedom, our independence, our individual rights, is the day they can all go to hell; at the point of a gun if need be.

  So let us celebrate this holiday commemorating our independence from government tyranny; happy birthday America and happy Fourth of July to all of you. You make me proud to be an American.